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Here's a quick Destiny guide showing you how to get Exotic Armor and Exotic Weapons the fastest way possible and guaranteed for your class!  Sure Exotics drop in The Crucible, and rarely you'll find them on "Hard" Strike Missions, but they're hard to come by, and sometimes you get an item you can't even equip because it's for a completely different class.  Well today we're going to show how to get those Exotics quick and easy and always for your character!

First off, you must be level 20 or higher to equip or purchase Exotic Armor or Weapons.  This is literally the only requirement.   Once you've achieved level 20, simply locate Xur, an "Agent of the Nine," in The Tower North (rumors say he only appears on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday mornings, and often times in different locations ...however this is where we found him).  Xur is an Exotic Armor and Weapons merchant who also offers "Curios" which are other unique items to the merchant which can not only help you stand out more among the other Guardians in Destiny, but also help you level up specific weapons much, much faster.  Xur is willing to sell you his Exotic merchandise and unique "Curios" in exchange for Strange Coins and in some cases (ex. Exotic Engrams) Motes of Lite.

Where to find Motes of Light

Motes of Light will be gathered the fastest by joining the multiplayer fight in The Crucible, and taking on Strike Missions throughout the game.  Remember that the higher difficulty missions generally drop the best loot, including gear and materials.  Grind out some Strikes and face off with your fellow Guardians to earn your Motes of Light the quickest.

Where to find Strange Coins

Strange coins we've found a little easier to come by, simply because they are part of the reward in Destiny's Weekly Heroic Strikes.  Each Heroic Strike offers each player who finishes it +3 Strange Coins.  Now through your journey from rank 1 -20 you've most likely accumulated several Strange Coins that hopefully you havne't Discarded thinking they were useless junk.  If you still have these, take on a couple Heroic Strikes with some friends and you should have plenty of currency to purchase yourself an Exotic Armor piece or Weapon.

Please note that you can only equip one Exotic Armor piece and one Exotic Weapon on your character at a time and there is no matchmaking for the Heroic Strikes.  These will be some very difficult missions, so gather up a couple of buddies and earn those coins together!

For you achievement hunters, once you've equipped your first piece of Exotic Armor or Weapon you'll unlock "The Life Exotic" Achievement. 

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