Destiny Hotfix #1 - Public Event Frequency, Crash Fix & More

Just the other day Bungie deployed it's first Hotfix.  If you experienced downtime, this was most likely the reason why.  This fist Hotfix doesn't have any real game changing features, however it will hopefully resolve some bugs, stability issues, and game crashes.  Not only that, but you can expect Public Events to occur twice as often!

Check out the changes for Destiny first Hotfix and a statement from Bungie below:

Not every update that you apply to Destiny will contain revolutionary changes to the player experience. As we support the world of Destiny beyond the launch, much of what we do behind the scenes will be dedicated to ensuring the services that support the game are stable.

Yesterday, we deployed an update that delivered the following refinements.


    Fixes for Durango bootflow issues
    Changes in network configuration to improve stability
    Fixes for issues causing game crashes


    Public Events should occur twice as frequently in public spaces

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