Destiny Game Guide - All Five Gold Chest Locations on Earth!

Check out this easy to follow, step-by-step Destiny guide showing you exactly how to find all five Gold Chests' on planet Earth!  Gold Chests' offer some of the best loot and gear, compared to other chests' you'll come across that will generally just give you Glimmer and materials specific to the location you're in.  Check out my guide below and start collecting those rare and hard to come by items!

Destiny Gold Chest #1

The first Gold Chest will be accessible as part of the Level 2 Story.  If you're in the Steppes of Dock 13 building, immediately take a right and you'll see some steps heading into an adjacent building.  Head up those steps, go through the first two rooms, and take a left.  You'll see your first Gold Chest sitting on top of a table in plain site.  The first Gold Chest is by far the easiest chest to find in Destiny apart from the Loot Chest you get in the Level 1 Mission.

Destiny Gold Chest #2

The second Gold Chest is going to be located in the Forgotten Shores.  If you're not sure what location you're in, simply open up your "Nav Mode" with your Ghost and it will let you know.  Once your in the Forgotten Shores try to place yourself between the wrecked ships and the water passage route towards Mothyards.  If you're standing in the water, head toward the coastline, and follow the coastline along the big hill, keep going and eventually you'll come across your second Gold Chest located on the rocks!

Destiny Gold Chest #3

To find your third Gold Chest, we suggest starting from the same location you started at when going for the second.  This time, take your Pike or either travel by foot towards Mothyards along the water passage route.  Take your time, and scan the rocks on the right hand side.  Eventually you'll notice a cave in the rocks.  Jump up into the cave for your third God Chest!

Destiny Gold Chest #4

The fourth Gold Chest is located inside the Lunar Complex where you fight the Moon Wizard.  We suggest doing "The Dark Within" Mission to easily find this chest.  Once you get to the room where you fight the wizard, jump on top of the small room that's on the left.  Your fourth Gold Chest will be located on top of the room.  If you're looking for this chest during the mission, we suggest waiting to kill the wizard until after you've located the chest.  Once you kill the wizard the mission is completed and you'll only have 30 seconds to locate the chest.  Kill the wizard afterwards and that will give you plenty of time to locate your fourth Gold Chest and secure your precious loot!

Destiny Cold Chest # 5

The fifth and final Gold Chest on Earth is only accessible during "The Devil's Lair" Strike Mission.  You can enter the Strike mission either through the Earth map which is a Level 8 Strike, or you can play through the Strike Playlist once you reach a higher level and obtain the chest.  Whenever you reach the final boss, simply jump down under the platform on the right side for your fifth Gold Chest!  

Hope this Destiny Game Guide helps you secure some epic loot!  Check out the video walkthrough above for more details and to see each location for yourself!  Make sure to Subscribe to Chance Gaming Media on YouTube for even more Destiny tips, tricks, guides, and tutorials & sign up for our email list to get the latest Destiny news and guides straight to your inbox!

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