Destiny Events Inbound - Vault of Glass, Combined Arms, Queen's Wrath, & Iron Banner

Looks like we have even more Destiny events to look forward to over the coming weeks.  In a previous post I mentioned that Bungie was introducing a Salvage playlist to the Crucible this Saturday.  In this particular even players will fight for "relics and new rewards" according to the official Destiny Twitter account.

Bungie has now revealed even more events that we can look forward to including Vault of Glass which is a Level 26 Raid (beginning on Sept 16, so level up now) in which players can earn Raid Set Gear and more.  Bungie has also announced three other events (Combined Arms, Queen's Wrath, and Iron Banner) which they haven't gone into too much detail about yet.

Check out the full lineup of upcoming Destiny you can look forward to over the next several weeks!

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