Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New Features, New Maps & More! (Exo Co-Op Survival Mode Details)

Hey guys!  Here's a first look at many of the new features coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare including a first look at some new Multiplayer maps (Green Band, Spike Drone, Horizon)  we haven't yet seen, and insight into the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare singleplayer campaign, and details on the new Exo Co-op Survival Mode.  Check out this video interview from IGN First Look and check out the new features that peaked our interest below!

Exo Co-Op Survival Mode

1-4 Player Co-Op (Split Screen and Online Matchmaking Available!) Survival that literally NEVER ENDS!!  Waves get get increasingly harder as your progress, and there are no set number of rounds.  They've also added a "Progressive Circut" which runs you or your team through all of the maps to give players a sense of completion.

There are three different character classes players can choose from.  As you complete each round you'll earn Upgrade Points that can be spent  to purchase new weapons and even Exo upgrades.  There will also be different objectives that your team must complete that will come during certain rounds, that if your team doesn't complete you will be penalized.  Some objectives include capturing a certain number of dog tags, gathering intel, or holding hardpoints. 

Goliath AST (Armor, Support, Transport)

This is a new Score Streak (750 pts) which is a re-imagining of the Juggernaut from previous CoD games.  This score Score Streak is completely customizable and is also equipped with a self destruct if you get into a really hairy situation.


Can be used to get around the CoD: AW world, and can also be used  to rip soldiers out of the Goliath AST (mentioned above).  It's primary use will be in the Singleplayer Campaign but the team is looking for ways of featuring the Grapple in other parts of the game as well.

Virtual Lobby

An Avatar based lobby where you can show off all of the gear and loot that you've unlocked throughout your Multiplayer progression.

Headhunter Mask

Challenge based gear unlocked by getting a certain amount of headshots in a single round.

Score Streaks are now Customizable

You can now costomize each of your Score Streaks.  For example with the Goliath AST you can add "PING" and Homing Rockets, but take note that you'll have to get a higher score streak to use it depending on what upgrades you equip (around 1000 pts for the upgraded Goliath AST).

PING "Threat Detection"

Upgrade for Goliath AST, Allows you to scan a certain area for enemy targets, once your scan gets back to your suit your target will be highlighted (in red).  You'll also be able to see targets behind cover.

Auto Focus Optic

Focuses in on targets when ADS, and blurs the screen around the sight.

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