Battlefield: Hardline - Second Beta Coming to All Platforms, 150 Ranks, 5 New Game Modes, No Co-op . . .

On Twitter, Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis confirmed quite a few details the Battlefield community has been wanting to know, and also revealed some interesting new details.

Firstly, Papoutsis confirmed that the Battlefield: Hardline "Beta [is] coming to all platforms before launch."  Previously, in an interview at Gamescom 2014, Papoutsis only confirmed the Hardline Beta for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and stated the he was unsure if the Beta would also be hitting the older generation platforms.  Well, players on Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 can rest assured that you will see a Beta on your platform in January as well.

Papoutsis, when asked how many ranks would be in Battlefield: Hardline, stated, "We've been playing with the exact number, but it's looking to be 150 at launch."  Now this may sound like a ton of ranks, and it very well may be.  However, it really depends on the total number of points from rank 1 - 150 if it's actully going to take players longer to hit max level than let's just say BF4 which currently has 130 ranks.  They may have it so that you rank up much faster between ranks so that players always feel like they're accomplishing something.

He also confirmed that there will be benefits and rewards for pre-existing Battlefield Premium members and Veteran Players.  I personally like that Visceral Games is already thinking about what they can do for players who continually support the franchise, and pay extra money for services like Premium.  Battlefield has some of the most dedicated fans, and it's nice to know that the developers appreciate the players who support each one of their games.

If you're into eSports, Papoutsis has also confirmed that there will be two competitve game modes in Battlefield: Hardline.  He actually mentioned that in the Gamescom interview, but he did add that we should "Stay tuned" to learn more about the second.  We have seen and heard a little bit about the Rescue game mode which is considered one of the competitve game modes in Hardline.  Papoutisis stated that "Five new modes in total are in the works, though no co-op mode is planned."  I think it's pretty neat that we'll be seeing five brand new game modes to the Battlefield series.  These will probably be Hardline exclusive game modes however, focused around the cops vs criminals theme. I do think it's little disappointing we won't be seeing co-op return in Battlefield: Hardline.  I personally really enjoyed it in Battlefield 4, and it just gives players a little bit more variety in the overall game. However, multiplayer should definitely be the main focus, and if the developers can't create a good co-op experience unless they take away from the multiplayer experience then they should obviously just leave it out.  Visceral Games did touch on their new vehicle-focused game mode, Hotwire, a couple of weeks ago, and Papoutsis says we should learn more about the new game mode in mid-September.

He also confirmed the return of the infamous M1911 pistol, the M416 assault rifle, the ballistic shield (which we saw in the first Beta), and the TDM game mode, in addition to other new vehicles and wepaons.  He also confirmed that "Visual Recoil" would not be in Battlefield: Hardline which if you ask almost any Battlefield 4 player is definitely a good thing.

Finally, Papoutsis said we will learn more about Battlefield: Hardline's expansion packs at some point in January.

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