Battlefield 4 Teamplay Initiative Patch 2 Notes

Battlefield 4 CTE Teamplay Initiative Patch 2 Notes are here!  DICE once again touched on the changes they would like to see come to the Final Stand Patch, and outlined the latest changes that are now available on CTE Servers.  Check out the changes below a let us know your thoughts in the comments!

These are the changes in this patch:

    Vehicle HUD Visibility
    Changed all vehicle HUDs to render better against bright backgrounds.
    Targeted at the snow maps of Final Stand – but also to improve the base game. Smaller tweaks to important gauges and details in some vehicle HUDs.
    Defensive Enemy Icon Shield now optional
    Now a option under Gameplay/Advanced in the ememy section, turned off by default! (most of you probably want to turn it on again!)
    Projectile Debug Overlay fixes
    Improved matching of client X vs server X to clarify when inconsistencies happen. We’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback where you guys didn’t apply the caveats outlined :).
    Fix for an issue with Joystick hot-plugin support
    Fixed animation issue when transitioning into Sprint

Some confusion around exactly when the first 6 items in the Teamplay Initiative will surface has been spotted. To make this clear – these items are under development. As soon as we have a testable version of any of these features, we will publish it to the CTE. The end goal is to get these features into the Final Stand release, so expect updates to hit the CTE shortly.

The Final Stand release Teamplay Initiative focus items again:

    Gameplay objective scoring v1
    Make playing the objective more desirable
    Health & ammo pack re-balance
    Change cooldowns in combat and look at points given out through these gadgets
    Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit & getting killed by own vehicle
    One solution for both these issues.
    Distance Spotting changes
    Make spotting more precise, not automatically spotting big groups of enemies at a distance.
    Footstep sound improvements
    Improve on footstep sounds being more audible in the game for enemies
    Random callout cleanup
    Move some of the combat chatter to team only (so your soldier don’t randomly give away your position)

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