Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Hangar 21 Map Review

Check out my review of the brand new Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC map, Hangar 21:

Hangar 21, although it's fairly large map, is extremely infantry focused.  Each team does have access to a two jets (one attack jet & one stealth jet), as well as two transport choppers per team.  There are also snowmobiles and quad bikes that will help you get from point to point on the Conquest version of the map much more quickly.

Hangar 21 also introduces Launch Pods into the game that literally launch players across the map though the air, and are extremely useful on this particular map for getting from one side of the map to the other as quickly as possible.

The map also features two of each new Final Stand Battle Pickup weapons, the Rorsch X1 (Railgun) and the XD-1 Accipiter (MKV). 

Overall I would have to say that Hangar 21 is probably not only the most fun Final Stand map that I've gotten the chance to play, but probably the most fun Battlefield 4 map period.  Players who really enjoy tanking may not think this understandably, because there are NO tanks or LAV's on this particular map.

Hangar 21 is a very unique map that I believe the Battlefield 4 community will really enjoy when the Final Stand DLC drops here in the coming months.

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