Battlefield 4 CTE Vehicle Initiative Sneak Peak, PDW's, & Fan Favorite Weapons Returning? (AN-94, G3A3, M16A3)

Today we have another sneak peak of possible changes coming to Battlefield 4, including even more PDW changes and an even further reduction to the overall weapon damage model. This is also our first look at the Battlefield 4 CTE Vehicle Initiative.  Please keep in mind that these changes are simply being considered at this time, and will hopefully be tested on BF4 CTE servers in the next couple of weeks.  They are not guaranteed to make it to the retail version of the game.  Also, it looks as though some fan favorite weapons may be returning to Battlefield 4 in a possible Weapon Only DLC, including the AN-94, G3A3, and even the M16A3.  Check out the full list of possible changes below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Battlefield 4 CTE Changes:

Further reduction in the weapon damage model from slightly lower than 25 max damage to slightly higher than 20 max damage. (this reduction would bring it more in line with the Bad Company 2 damage model.)

Increased headshot multiplier for 5.56mm Assault Rifles to possibly 2.15. (No changes to 7.62mm Assault Rifles)

ACE 23 and MPX will be getting real-life magazine capacity, balanced with a longer reload time (about 150 milliseconds), also a increased FSM (first shot multiplier) from 2.0 - 2.2

ACE 52 will also be getting a longer reload time.

PDW's overall should be getting even more buffs from the last initiative to make them much more viable options on the battlefield.  No exact stats on the PDW's yet, but we should see an increased damage model across the board bringing the 5 hit kill range closer to Assault Rifles. PDW's will have a lower dropoff start level and a higher dropoff end damage.  be able to "definitively" out-gun Assault Rifles and Carbines within 25 meters.

MX4 and MPX will be trading many stats to make the MX4 more viable and the MPX a little less viable.

AN-94, G3A3, and M16A3 could be returning in a future, Weapon Only DLC.  Take this with a grain of salt at this time, but it is being discussed!


Mobile Anit-Air (AA) - Much stronger against jets. Much weaker against helicopters.

Stingers and Igla's will also be tweaked where they affect jets and helicopters differently.  Most likely an increase in Mobility hits against jets, and a decrease against helicopter.

Source: MarbleDuck

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