Battlefield 4 CTE: Teamplay Initiative Begins

So it begins . . .again.  Another Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative.  This time DICE is focusing on the Teamplay aspect of the game.  Many of the changes they plan to make we should see by the release of Final Stand according to DICE, however there are a long list of changes we can look forward to post the Final Stand release.

Many of these changes look very desirable in my opinion, escpecially the "Random callout cleanup."  Although it's easy for a player who is paying attention to take advantage of this feature, it really sucks when someone takes advantage of your random callouts.  In this particular case the random chatter will only be called out to your teammates, which overall will be a very nice change.

Lots of good stuff in this first update, make sure to check out the full list of upcoming changes for the Battlefield 4 CTE Teamplay Initiative below, and take a moment to leave your thoughts and ideas that could possibly make teamplay and objective play much more desirable in Battlefield 4.

For this release we are focusing on a small set of initial tasks:

    Gameplay objective scoring v1
    Make playing the objective more desirable
    Health & ammo pack re-balance
    Change cooldowns in combat and look at points given out through these gadgets
    Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit & getting killed by own vehicle
    One solution for both these issues.
    Distance Spotting changes
    Make spotting more precise, not automatically spotting big groups of enemies at a distance.
    Footstep sound improvements
    Improve on footstep sounds being more audible in the game for enemies
    Random callout cleanup
    Move some of the combat chatter to team only (so your soldier don’t randomly give away your position)

These might not all look to be directly connected to teamplay or objective play – but they indirectly affect this kind of play in a negative way in our opinion.

Our list of PROPOSED changes has been put together based on what we internally think would be the best places to start changing the way we play objectives in this game.

We will post more details about our high level thoughs in coming updates this initiative.

We are looking for your feedback on this list – and would like to know what your top items are, both based on this list and new items, post your thoughts in the Teamplay Initiative Forum.

This is our current list of items, note that this list is far from complete and bound to change several times during the initiatives lifespan:

    Gameplay Objective Scoring v2
    Field Upgrades 2.0
    Squad Leader & Commander communication
    Intra Squad Leader communication
    Squad Leader selection
    Squad Respawns
    Commander UAV
    Teamplay Vehicles
    Objective play tutorials & Personal Objectives
    Kit usage/Summary on spawn screen
    UI & HUD Objective Clarity pass
    End of Round UI – Winning/Objective team oriented update

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