Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #3 - Teamplay Patch 1 Notes

Today DICE released the first patch for the Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #3: Teamply Initiative on CTE servers.  These changes don't seem like they would affect teamplay in BF4 directly, but nevertheless they seem like some good changes so disappointment here.  Check out the Patch Notes for this first update for the Teamplay Initiative and let us know what you think in the comments.

These are the changes in this patch:

    Changed behaviour of spawning Battlepickups
    Will re-spawn after 60 seconds if one of these happen: Weapon runs out of ammo, weapon is dropped (when player changes weapon, dies, disconnects), and dropped weapon times out and unspawns, Deployed vehicle is destroyed.
    Fix for Decoy Pack Scale issue
    Thank you for reporting this!

Animation fixes:

    Changed the blend behaviour when you transition into sprint (1st person)
    Fixed 1st person reload issue
    The reload got omitted if you pressed the reload button after an empty reload.
    Potential fix for the guy sliding around in crouch
    Fixed problem where a Prone to Stand anim when reloading
    Potential Melee animation fix
    Fix for when melee animations  could get out of sync and play different animations for attacker and defender.
New Projectile Debug
We have added a debug overlay to track down issues with incoming and outgoing damage (netcode) and hitdetection. We have already seen some descrepancies using this tool internally – but can’t wait to see what we will be able to find with your help using this tool.
Projectile hit overlay rundown:

    Blue squares indicate a spawned projectile/bullet
    Green x indicates the client thinks the projectile has hit a soldier or a vehicle on a different team
    Red x indicates the server confirms that damage was dealt. This currently maps to the hit indicator feedback – every time you see the red x, you should see the cross hair hit indicator.
    The bullet display is staggered, so that the displayed data doesn’t overlap when using high RPM weapons. There is nothing tying the green x’s to the blue squares (i.e. co-location does not mean one is the result of the other) or tying the red x’s to the blue squares or green x’s. Vertical position on the graph means nothing either.
    Enabled via in-game console or user.cfg by using: “NetworkPerfOverlay.DrawProjectileGraph 1”

Known bugs/short-comings in this version:

    On target death, green x may still show up until the server has confirmed that the target is dead. Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
    Server discarded damage – the green x doesn’t have all the damage rules available to it (e.g. assault weapon versus tank does no server damage, but will still show green x). Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
    Packet loss or server degradation may cause bunching of packets. If this is the case it’s likely that there won’t be individual red x’s for all damage applied. Will cause green x(+)/red x(-) discrepancy.
    All server-confirmed damage dealt causes a red x – this includes grenades, claymores, UCAV, etc. Will cause green x(-)/red x(+) discrepancy
    Occasionally a phantom blue square/green x/red x will show up (usually upon exiting a vehicle). Will cause green x(?)/red x(?) discrepancy
    Any data points drawn directly above each other are as a result of events happening in the same frame/sample (this in turn means that sometimes it’s possible for the data to exceed the usual height of 4)

Additional notes:
It’s now possible to relocate the network perf overlay graph via in-game console or user.cfg.  Note that using values outside of the range 0 to screen dimension(x,y) will cause that axis to revert to the relevant bottom/right default.
An example:

    NetworkPerfOverlay.GraphPos.x 100.0
    NetworkPerfOverlay.GraphPos.y 200.0

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