Destiny: Vex Mythoclast - Exotic Fusion Rifle Review - Most Overpowered Weapon?

Hey guys check out this quick weapon review and gameplay of the Vex Mythoclast Exotic Fusion Rifle.  The Vex Mythoclast is easily one of the most difficult weapons to attain in Destiny and at this moment seems to be completely overpowered.  Not only does this weapon do a ton of damage to the body, but the headshot damage is well on par with Scout Rifle damage.  Get a few unlocks for the Mythoclast and you can increase your magazine capacity from 21 to 56 rounds per magazine, meaning you'll be able to drop a ton of targets before you ever have to think about reloading.  The Vex Mythoclast is currently only obtainable by defeating Antheon in the Vault of Glass Raid on Hard Mode.  It will be no easy task to unlock, so if you're looking to wield a weapon that's far beyond any other competitors, conquer the Raid soon before the Mythoclast is nerfed.  Enjoy the review and gameplay of the Vex Mythoclast below from DattoDoesDestiny, and let us know your thoughts on this Exotic weapon in the comments!


Battlefield 4 CTE Vehicle Initiative Sneak Peak, PDW's, & Fan Favorite Weapons Returning? (AN-94, G3A3, M16A3)

Today we have another sneak peak of possible changes coming to Battlefield 4, including even more PDW changes and an even further reduction to the overall weapon damage model. This is also our first look at the Battlefield 4 CTE Vehicle Initiative.  Please keep in mind that these changes are simply being considered at this time, and will hopefully be tested on BF4 CTE servers in the next couple of weeks.  They are not guaranteed to make it to the retail version of the game.  Also, it looks as though some fan favorite weapons may be returning to Battlefield 4 in a possible Weapon Only DLC, including the AN-94, G3A3, and even the M16A3.  Check out the full list of possible changes below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Battlefield 4 CTE Changes:

Further reduction in the weapon damage model from slightly lower than 25 max damage to slightly higher than 20 max damage. (this reduction would bring it more in line with the Bad Company 2 damage model.)

Increased headshot multiplier for 5.56mm Assault Rifles to possibly 2.15. (No changes to 7.62mm Assault Rifles)

ACE 23 and MPX will be getting real-life magazine capacity, balanced with a longer reload time (about 150 milliseconds), also a increased FSM (first shot multiplier) from 2.0 - 2.2

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trophies and Achievements

Here's a first look at many of the Trophies and Achievements you can expect in Sledgehammer Games upcoming first person shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  Most of these you'll gather without even thinking about completing an achievement or earning a trophy, but some of these achievements will require you to spend some time to complete a certain task.  Check out the full list of trophies and achievements below for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New Features, New Maps & More! (Exo Co-Op Survival Mode Details)

Hey guys!  Here's a first look at many of the new features coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare including a first look at some new Multiplayer maps (Green Band, Spike Drone, Horizon)  we haven't yet seen, and insight into the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare singleplayer campaign, and details on the new Exo Co-op Survival Mode.  Check out this video interview from IGN First Look and check out the new features that peaked our interest below!

Exo Co-Op Survival Mode

1-4 Player Co-Op (Split Screen and Online Matchmaking Available!) Survival that literally NEVER ENDS!!  Waves get get increasingly harder as your progress, and there are no set number of rounds.  They've also added a "Progressive Circut" which runs you or your team through all of the maps to give players a sense of completion.

There are three different character classes players can choose from.  As you complete each round you'll earn Upgrade Points that can be spent  to purchase new weapons and even Exo upgrades.  There will also be different objectives that your team must complete that will come during certain rounds, that if your team doesn't complete you will be penalized.  Some objectives include capturing a certain number of dog tags, gathering intel, or holding hardpoints. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Power Changes Everything" Trailer

Check out the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Power Changes Everything" Trailer

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Battlefield 4 Teamplay Initiative Patch 2 Notes

Battlefield 4 CTE Teamplay Initiative Patch 2 Notes are here!  DICE once again touched on the changes they would like to see come to the Final Stand Patch, and outlined the latest changes that are now available on CTE Servers.  Check out the changes below a let us know your thoughts in the comments!

These are the changes in this patch:

    Vehicle HUD Visibility
    Changed all vehicle HUDs to render better against bright backgrounds.
    Targeted at the snow maps of Final Stand – but also to improve the base game. Smaller tweaks to important gauges and details in some vehicle HUDs.
    Defensive Enemy Icon Shield now optional
    Now a option under Gameplay/Advanced in the ememy section, turned off by default! (most of you probably want to turn it on again!)
    Projectile Debug Overlay fixes
    Improved matching of client X vs server X to clarify when inconsistencies happen. We’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback where you guys didn’t apply the caveats outlined :).
    Fix for an issue with Joystick hot-plugin support
    Fixed animation issue when transitioning into Sprint

Destiny Queen's Wrath Bounty Guide - Devil Archon and Draksis Locations

Hey guys!  Here's a quick Destiny guide for those of you participating in the Queen's Wrath event. Today I'm going to show you how to find the Devil Archon and Draksis so you can earn Queen's Reputation by completing the Archon Slayer and Last Days of Winter Bounty.  I would highly recommend completing these two bounties as they offer twice as much Reputation as the other two PvE bounties, and took me less time to complete.

Destiny's Best Location for Farming Engrams! - Mars: Valley of the Kings

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be showing you the absolute best location to farm Engrams in Destiny, including Legendary (purple), Decoherent (blue), and of course Green Engrams.  I've run many of the other good Engram farms in the game including the Temple of Crota farm on the Moon and the tunnel farm on Earth, but this farm, from what I experienced was by far the best!  You can also easily farm this location by yourself with no worries.

What you want to do is head to the planet Mars and go to the "Valley of the Kings."  You'll notice a giant ship surrounded by Cabal.  There's a nice little sniper point directly in front of the Cabal where you can post up with a sniper rifle and a pulse rifle and easily pick them off at range without them ever even firing a shot at you.  I generally try not to waste my ammo on the "big guy" in the middle simply because it takes at least two shots with a sniper rifle to take him out, and I don't want to leave my sniper location unless I absolutely have to.

Destiny Game Guide - All Five Gold Chest Locations on Earth!

Check out this easy to follow, step-by-step Destiny guide showing you exactly how to find all five Gold Chests' on planet Earth!  Gold Chests' offer some of the best loot and gear, compared to other chests' you'll come across that will generally just give you Glimmer and materials specific to the location you're in.  Check out my guide below and start collecting those rare and hard to come by items!

Destiny Game Guide - How to get Exotic Armor & Weapons Fast!! - The Life Exotic

Here's a quick Destiny guide showing you how to get Exotic Armor and Exotic Weapons the fastest way possible and guaranteed for your class!  Sure Exotics drop in The Crucible, and rarely you'll find them on "Hard" Strike Missions, but they're hard to come by, and sometimes you get an item you can't even equip because it's for a completely different class.  Well today we're going to show how to get those Exotics quick and easy and always for your character!

First off, you must be level 20 or higher to equip or purchase Exotic Armor or Weapons.  This is literally the only requirement.   Once you've achieved level 20, simply locate Xur, an "Agent of the Nine," in The Tower North (rumors say he only appears on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday mornings, and often times in different locations ...however this is where we found him).  Xur is an Exotic Armor and Weapons merchant who also offers "Curios" which are other unique items to the merchant which can not only help you stand out more among the other Guardians in Destiny, but also help you level up specific weapons much, much faster.  Xur is willing to sell you his Exotic merchandise and unique "Curios" in exchange for Strange Coins and in some cases (ex. Exotic Engrams) Motes of Lite.

New Playstation "Blogcast" Shares Destiny Tips & Tricks - How to get Exotic Armor & More!

Check out this all new Playstation "Blogcast" (135) which shares loads of Destiny Tips & Tricks including how to get Exotic Armor, PvP tips, & more!  To skip the new releases on Playstation and jump right into the Destiny tips and tricks jump to 15:45. Destiny talk begins at about 10:00. Enjoy!

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Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #3 - Teamplay Patch 1 Notes

Today DICE released the first patch for the Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #3: Teamply Initiative on CTE servers.  These changes don't seem like they would affect teamplay in BF4 directly, but nevertheless they seem like some good changes so disappointment here.  Check out the Patch Notes for this first update for the Teamplay Initiative and let us know what you think in the comments.

These are the changes in this patch:

    Changed behaviour of spawning Battlepickups
    Will re-spawn after 60 seconds if one of these happen: Weapon runs out of ammo, weapon is dropped (when player changes weapon, dies, disconnects), and dropped weapon times out and unspawns, Deployed vehicle is destroyed.
    Fix for Decoy Pack Scale issue
    Thank you for reporting this!

Animation fixes:

    Changed the blend behaviour when you transition into sprint (1st person)
    Fixed 1st person reload issue
    The reload got omitted if you pressed the reload button after an empty reload.
    Potential fix for the guy sliding around in crouch
    Fixed problem where a Prone to Stand anim when reloading
    Potential Melee animation fix
    Fix for when melee animations  could get out of sync and play different animations for attacker and defender.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Performance Review

It's not a Titan, but . . .if you're in the market for a new GPU that offers a great price to performance ratio? Check out the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 980.  The 980 is the replacement graphics card for the recently discontinued 780 TI, and guess what?  You'll be able to pick it up for less than the popular graphics unit while also getting a slight performance boost.  780 TI owners . . .don't fret, there's really no need to upgrade to the 980, the performance increase is only slight.  It's definitely there, but to upgrade just wouldn't be worth it, as the 780 TI is still a great card and will most likely be relevant for years to come.

If you don't own a 780 TI though, The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 will allow you to run your favorite games with the absolute best performance for the price we'll most likely see in the upcoming years. Overall the 980 will be one of the best graphics cards for 2014-2015 and possibly 2016.  Check out the performance overview below of the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, and let us hear your thoughts in the comments!

Destiny Upcoming Events: Combined Arms & Queen's Wrath

In Bungie's latest Destiny blog post they've gone into a little bit more detail on two of their upcoming events, Combined Arms and Queen's Wrath, and also added a new Salvage event to the schedule, stating "There should always be something new to experience every time you play Destiny."

Battlefield: Hardline Official Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Hotwire is a vehicle-focused game mode brand new to the Battlefield franchise.  The game mode looks to offer a new chase-style gameplay with some infantry elements incorporated as well.  In the Battlefield Hardline: Hotwire Trailer you may notice players placing down road blocks in an attempt to stop a runaway sedan.  It's unsure at this time exactly how the game mode works, but it seems the police are trying to stop the sedan, and the criminals are trying to evade their attempts.  Seems rather interesting and could bring a neat Need For Speed type gameplay to Battlefield 4 which would definitely bring something fresh to game. What we can take away from the new trailer is that Hotwire will be a face paced, high action game mode that will hopefully offer Battlefield fans a new, fresh, and thrilling experience.

Check out the new Battlefield: Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer below and let us know what you think about the new game mode in the comments!

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Battlefield 4 CTE: Teamplay Initiative Begins

So it begins . . .again.  Another Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative.  This time DICE is focusing on the Teamplay aspect of the game.  Many of the changes they plan to make we should see by the release of Final Stand according to DICE, however there are a long list of changes we can look forward to post the Final Stand release.

Many of these changes look very desirable in my opinion, escpecially the "Random callout cleanup."  Although it's easy for a player who is paying attention to take advantage of this feature, it really sucks when someone takes advantage of your random callouts.  In this particular case the random chatter will only be called out to your teammates, which overall will be a very nice change.

Lots of good stuff in this first update, make sure to check out the full list of upcoming changes for the Battlefield 4 CTE Teamplay Initiative below, and take a moment to leave your thoughts and ideas that could possibly make teamplay and objective play much more desirable in Battlefield 4.

Halo 2: Anniversary - "Master Chief Collection" Multiplayer Gameplay Roundup

Here's a roundup of some of the very first Halo 2: Anniversary "Master Chief Collection" Multiplayer Gameplay.  The new gameplay includes Zanzibar, Delta Halo, and even some Capture the Flag! Enjoy.

Halo 2: Anniversary is part of the "Master Chief Collection" and will be available on November 11th. The game will feature remastered graphics, audio, a high-definition resolution, and even more content than the original!

Zanzibar Gameplay

Battlefield: Hardline Hotwire Gameplay Teaser

Check out this short teaser trailer for Battlefield: Hardline's upcoming vehicle-focused game mode Hotwire!  According to the official Battlefield Twitter account we can look forward to more Hotwire gameplay tomorrow.  Simply follow the link in the tweet to view the trailer or click here.

Destiny Tops $325 Million In Five Days and 100 Million Hours Played

If you've been enjoying Destiny as much as I have, then as you already know, you're not alone.  In fact, Destiny's sells numbers are pretty astonishing.  Destiny is actually the biggest new franchise launch in gaming history.  

According to Activision, Destiny grossed over $325 million in sales in the games first five days after launch.  Not only that,  Activision has also stated that players have already logged in over 100 million hours in online play and participated in over 137 million activities.  

As much as people and many reviewers seem to love hating Destiny, the game's fans are telling a different story about Destiny simply by the fact that they are playing it . . .and playing it alot.  Activision stated, "Millions of gamers are having a great time playing Destiny and can't put their controllers down."

First Ever Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Kill Confirmed" Multiplayer Gameplay

Check out the first ever Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Kill Confirmed" Multiplayer Gameplay. CoD: AW makes this familiar Call of Duty game mode seem like a brand new experience with the brand new Exo-gameplay movement mechanics.  I imagine this will be the case with most of the game modes.  I could definitely see Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare being the freshest CoD game we've seen in awhile.

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Source: IGN

How to set up Twitch with Google Chromecast

Want to watch your favorite gamers and broadcasts from Twitch on your big screen?  Check out this quick guide showing you exactly how to set up Twitch on any device with Google Chromecast!  It's easy!

Twitch is Now Available on Google Chromecast

Twitch announced today that they're streaming service would now be available on Google's Chromecast.  Twitch support on Chromecast will now allow Twitch viewers on any device to send their favorite streams and broadcasts' directly to their TV, while still using chat on their device.  Not only that but now any device connected to your Wi-Fi network can now act as a remote for your Chromecast service on your big screen.

To learn more about the new Twitch service on Google's Chromecast, check out the official Twitch blog.

Destiny Hotfix #1 - Public Event Frequency, Crash Fix & More

Just the other day Bungie deployed it's first Hotfix.  If you experienced downtime, this was most likely the reason why.  This fist Hotfix doesn't have any real game changing features, however it will hopefully resolve some bugs, stability issues, and game crashes.  Not only that, but you can expect Public Events to occur twice as often!

Official "Vault of Glass" Event Trailer

Check out the official Vault of Glass Trailer from the official Destiny Twitter account.  Simply follow the link in the tweet!

Destiny's "Vault of Glass" Raids Have Begun!

The "Vault of Glass" is a raid beneath Venus designed for only the most skilled Guardians.  According to Bungie the Vault of Glass raid will pose some of the most difficult trials and challenges any Guardian has faced on their journey through the world of Destiny so far.  The raids will require teamwork, skill, and discipline to complete, and only the teams that exercise all of these will become victorious.

Assassin's Creed Unity Co-op Gameplay Trailer

Check out the all new Assassin's Creed Unity Co-op Gameplay Trailer.

Far Cry 4 - "The Mighty Elephants of Kyrat" Gameplay Trailer

Check out the all new Far Cry 4 Trailer, "The Mighty Elephants of  Kyrat."  The trailer shows off some graphic scenes from the Far Cry 4 world and also gives us some interesting facts about elephants.
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer "The Monkingjay Lives"

Check out the official "The Mockingjay Lives" trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 coming out on November 21. Enjoy . . .

Destiny Events Inbound - Vault of Glass, Combined Arms, Queen's Wrath, & Iron Banner

Looks like we have even more Destiny events to look forward to over the coming weeks.  In a previous post I mentioned that Bungie was introducing a Salvage playlist to the Crucible this Saturday.  In this particular even players will fight for "relics and new rewards" according to the official Destiny Twitter account.

Bungie has now revealed even more events that we can look forward to including Vault of Glass which is a Level 26 Raid (beginning on Sept 16, so level up now) in which players can earn Raid Set Gear and more.  Bungie has also announced three other events (Combined Arms, Queen's Wrath, and Iron Banner) which they haven't gone into too much detail about yet.

Check out the full lineup of upcoming Destiny you can look forward to over the next several weeks!

Destiny: Salvage Crucible Event "This weekend only"

According the the official Destiny Twitter account they're adding a Salvage playlist to the Crucible where players can "fight for relics and claim new rewards."  The playlist is only available this weekend so make sure to hop on Destiny and secure your rewards!

Activision and Bungie are definitely doing a great job of keeping the Destiny "hype train" rolling announcing that there will be several events in the upcoming weeks not only for PvP, but PVE as well.

Check out the tweet below for the official announcement and follow the link for a short event teaser!

Battlefield Hardline: Hotwire Info Coming Sept 18

According to Battlefield's official Twitter account, we'll be learning about Battlefield Hardline's vehicle-focused game mode Hotwire on September 18.

Although Battlefield Hardline is focused around a cops vs. robbers theme, which you would think might leave the game limited in it's number of game modes, Hardline's shaping up to offer much more than expected.  In an interview of Twitter just last week, Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis stated that Hardline would have five all new game modes right at the launch of the title.  Visceral Games has also confirmed that the Conquest and Team Death Match game modes would also be in the title.

Learn more about the latest Battlefield Hardline updates here.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Hangar 21 Map Review

Check out my review of the brand new Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC map, Hangar 21:

Hangar 21, although it's fairly large map, is extremely infantry focused.  Each team does have access to a two jets (one attack jet & one stealth jet), as well as two transport choppers per team.  There are also snowmobiles and quad bikes that will help you get from point to point on the Conquest version of the map much more quickly.

Hangar 21 also introduces Launch Pods into the game that literally launch players across the map though the air, and are extremely useful on this particular map for getting from one side of the map to the other as quickly as possible.

Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus - Review

Check out the new Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus

The Samsung Gear VR Includes:

Fucus Wheel
Touch Pad & Back Button (for built-in navigation)
Mounting Plate (allows you mount your Galaxy Note 4, a possibly other devices in the future)
Bluetooth Functionality
2560x1440 Display (4K)
2.7Ghz Quad Core 805 CPU - LG Snapdragon Processor

Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Operation Whiteout Initial Review

Today I'm reviewing the map Operation Whiteout from the Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC.  I'm also going to touch on a few other things, including the new Railgun Battle pickup weapon, the new Hovertank vehicle, the SC-42 stationary emplacement weapon, and the new gadget available to all classes, the DS-3. 

The Operation Whiteout map is available right now as part of the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment.  The reason DICE has made this map available in the CTE is simply for testing purposes.  They've stated that they want players to test the map and inform them of any bugs, glitches, and other things that hinder an enjoyable gameplay experience.  They've said they want the Final Stand maps to be as good as they can possibly be, and so they're allowing CTE players to help them get there. 

Please take a moment to check out my video review, and let me know what you guys think of the new Operation Whiteout map coming soon with the Battlefield 4 Final Stand expansion.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Giants of Karelia Map Review + How to use the DS-3 & Battle Pickup Locations!

Check out this review of the new Final Stand map Giants of Karelia, including exactly how to use the new DS-3 gadget/equipment, available to all classes with the FS DLC, and the locations of the new Railgun (Rorsch X1) and MKV (XD-Accipiter) Battle Pickup weapons!  

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Official Reveal Trailer

Check out the official Battlefield 4 Final Stand Reveal Trailer:

Battlefield 4 CTE: Final Stand Map Names & Teaser!

DICE has revealed the Final Stand map names in the CTE Battlelog, and the new Final Stand map Operation Whiteout seems to be playable on private servers.  These Final Stand maps will most likely become available to CTE testers later today, because DICE's Tigge told CTE testers the other day that there would be a big surprise coming to the CTE servers on September 9th (today).

Destiny - Massive Day One Patch - 1.0.1

Destiny is launching here in a couple of hours, and according to the Destiny blog at we can expect a massive day one patch (Patch 1.0.1).  The Destiny Dev Team says that they may continue to make tweaks to the game over the next days, weeks, months, hopefully even years, suggesting that they expect long term success for Destiny.

The Patch mainly includes weapon, map, and class changes, even some PVP changes, however there aren't many technical issues according to the notes which tells us that Activision is expecting a relatively smooth launch.  Let's hope that's true!

Here's the full list of changes coming in Destiny's Day One Patch, 1.0.1, make sure to follow us on Twitter or by email to stay up with all the latest Destiny news!

Destiny Codes List! - Unlock New Shaders, Emblems, & Grimoire Cards

Here's a list of Destiny Bungie Codes that can be used to unlock different Armor Shaders, Emblems, and Grimoire Entries that can be used in game.  Simply copy the codes below and paste them here.

*After you paste the code over at Bungie, simply hit the back arrow on your keyboard and then press enter.  The code should be accepted and you're on your way!

Battlefield: Hardline - Second Beta Coming to All Platforms, 150 Ranks, 5 New Game Modes, No Co-op . . .

On Twitter, Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis confirmed quite a few details the Battlefield community has been wanting to know, and also revealed some interesting new details.

Firstly, Papoutsis confirmed that the Battlefield: Hardline "Beta [is] coming to all platforms before launch."  Previously, in an interview at Gamescom 2014, Papoutsis only confirmed the Hardline Beta for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and stated the he was unsure if the Beta would also be hitting the older generation platforms.  Well, players on Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 can rest assured that you will see a Beta on your platform in January as well.

MINECRAFT: Xbox One VS. Xbox 360 Comparison

Minecraft just released today for the Xbox One and PS4.  You can pick up the title for $20, or if you already owned it on your previous gen console, you can get it for only $5.  Here's a quick comparison of Minecraft on the Xbox One vs. the Xbox 360 version, and also a simple tutorial on how to transfer your Xbox 360 saves to the Xbox One.  This same comparison can most likely be used for the PS3 vs PS4 versions as well.  Enjoy!

There really aren't any noticeable graphics differences between the two versions, but one thing you may notice is that Minecraft on the Xbox One has a much better soundtrack, and is quite a bit larger than the Xbox 360's version.  About 32x larger in fact.  You may also notice the Xbox One edition has a slightly longer draw distance, meaning you can see objects further off in the distance.

One thing to note is that when using one of your Minecraft: Xbox 360 saves on the Xbox One version, the two will be identical in size.  The only time the world will be larger on the Xbox One is when you're creating new worlds.

So, if you've owned the previous version, and just want to expand upon what you've already created, then there may not be any real point in upgrading to the new version on the Xbox One unless you just don't use your old console.  However, if you're deciding between the two, well, Minecraft on the Xbox One will definitely be the better version of the two.

Battlefield 4: DICE Addresses Cheaters & How They Deal With Them

DICE addresses cheaters in their latest blog post, and how they go about catching and punishing violators.  Cheating has definitely been a problem for many FPS games on PC for a long time, and often times it doesn't seem like developers really care if violators are ruining other players experiences.  DICE however is definitely making it a point that they do care if players have a more enjoyable time playing their game, and seem to have a very good system in place where they are not only able to find and monitor suspicious players, but where they're able to separate the real cheaters from the good players.  DICE makes it a point that do not simply ban players based on stats, or for having several good rounds back-to-back, but they are taking in reports of suspicious player activity, monitoring those players, and then determining if the player is indeed cheating or legit.  They also have a more advanced anit-cheat software that they introduced awhile back that is able to determine if a player is doing something that no legitimate player could possibly do.  They've stated that this is not a foolproof system however, and may not catch every player that is cheating, and sometimes it takes time to update the system in order to catch players finding new ways of exploiting the game.  Check out all the steps DICE is taking to find cheaters and how they go about punishing violators below.

Is Battlefield 4's Big September Patch Launching Today?!? (UPDATED!)

According to the Battlefield 4 CTE Battlelog, today is "Patch Day."  Not exactly sure what this means because we haven't been expecting any new patches for the CTE yet . . .so could this be THE BIG "Patch Day" we've been expecting for the retail game?  If so, why haven't we caught any wind of this from the Battlefield 4 Retail Battlelog?  Not really sure why DICE didn't care to elaborate on what "Patch Day" this is, but I guess we'll know here shortly as the patch has an ETA of 3PM PDT.

*Update - DICE finally explained what the "Patch Day" is all about.  According to the CTE Battlelog DICE has made all the final preparations and updated the CTE servers to be "on par with what the Final Patch will include."  This means the current state of the CTE should be what we can expect when DICE finally launches the Fall Patch which they've stated should come in the "final weeks of September."

Battlefield 4 "Payback" Collaboration Trailer Details!

DICE announced yesterday on Battlelog that they are partnering up with Dimitri Vangelis, Wyman X, and Steve Angello to create a "Payback" Collaboration Trailer in which Battlefield 4 players can actually submit their BF4 gameplay footage to be included.  The trio is providing their latest hit song entitled "Payback" as the soundtrack for the trailer.

I think this is a pretty neat idea for a few different reasons.  Not only does it give Battlefield fans a chance to be in a Battlefield trailer, which would obviously be pretty cool.  If put together right (which has never been a problem for DICE), it will be a trailer completely comprised of actual gameplay footage, which will give the Battlefield 4 trailer more of a raw feel than we've seen in the past.  Plus the track just has a completely different vibe then any Battlefield trailer we've ever seen.

Payday 2 Pays Homage to Battlefield 4

To promote Payday 2's next DLC, the GAGE ASSAULT PACK, developer Overkill Software has transformed their website into a very similar marketing style to the first person shooter Battlefield 4.  At first many people were thinking this was some sort of diss on the game, but Overkill thwarted these rumors by saying, "This is us tipping our hat to a fellow Swedish game developer."  Both DICE and Overkill Software are Swedish game developers, and it's pretty cool to see developers of different titles appreciating each others work.

The Gage Assault Pack will be available tomorrow, Sept. 4 for Payday 2 fans for only $4.99.

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Is Far Cry 4 too similar to Far Cry 3? (Gameplay/Preview)

Is Far Cry 4 too similar to Far Cry 3?  Here's some hands-on gameplay from the open-world first person shooter, showing off a familiar location to players who played the previous title, along with insight from the games Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.  Hutchinson explains what sets the games apart from one another including some of the more subtle changes like how alarms work to some of the major changes like gameplay mechanics, location changes, new weapons and vehicles, and of course the new drop-in/drop-out Co-op system.  The game is set to release on all platforms starting November 18th.  What do you guys think about  Far Cry 4 so far?

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