Titanfall: Pilot Only Mode Confirmed by Respawn Entertainment (Pilot Skirmish)

Respawn Entertainment just announced that in their next game update they will be introducing a Pilot Only game mode called Pilot Skirmish.  They haven't released any further details about the new Pilot Only mode apart from the fact that it will be 8 vs 8 players with no AI and of course, no Titans.

I'm certainly eager to try out the new Pilot Skirmish game mode, but I think that Respawn Entertainment could take it a step further and just give players a Pilot Only option for all the current game modes that it would actually work with.

Along with the Pilot Skirmish game mode there are a lot of gameplay and balance improvements on the way.  Check out the full list of updates coming in Titanfall's next patch here.

What do you think about the new Pilot Skirmish game mode coming to Titanfall? 


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