Battlefield Hardline: Interview with Thad Sasser (Lead Multiplayer Designer) - Easter Eggs Confirmed!

Check out this interview by JackFrags with Thad Sasser, the lead multiplayer designer on Battlefield Hardline!  Sasser talks about the steps they're taking with Battlefield Hardline to really bring the cops and robbers fantasy to life, as well as many improvements to the game that they're working on based off player feedback.  Sasser even confirms that there will be Easter Eggs in Battlefield Hardline, but says he can't confirm any sort of Phantom Program like we saw in Battlefield 4.  Check out the interview below, and please take a moment to let us know your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline in the comments.  Are you pumped for the game, or not so much?  What else do you think Visceral Games can do to improve Battlefield Hardline and bring the cops vs criminals fantasy to a whole new level?  Also, what features are you most excited about?

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