Battlefield 4 "Uncap Auto Spot" - Undiscovered Bug or Unannounced Feature?

 Today we're taking a look at either a new bug or possibly a new feature DICE slipped into Battlefield 4 under the rader.  This "Uncap Auto Spot" issue/feature has just been discovered by YouTuber blackmesatech, who points out that he hadn't noticed this issue until playing on the new Dragon's Teeth DLC maps.  Check out the video below to learn more!

So a few questions have to be asked with this new "Uncap Auto-Spot" issue, or possibly feature arising in Battlefield 4.  First off; did DICE intend for the Auto-Spot to be in the game when a player is near the enemy deployment?  Were these possibly measures taken by DICE to help ward off base campers or possibly give a team that's spawn trapped a small advantage of possibly of breaking it?  If this is the case however, why hasn't DICE announced this Uncap Auto-Spot "feature" among the other new features in Battlefield 4.  Next; is this even a new issue/feature?  Well obviously no one has ever noticed any sort of Auto-Spot occurring before, or we would have most likely heard about it before now.  So has it been there since the launch of Battlefield 4 or is this something completely new, possibly coming with the new Dragon's Teeth DLC, either intentionally or unintentionally?

This issue or feature definitely has me intrigued because on one hand it is a great feature to help a team trying to break a spawn trap, although there is the issue of the Auto-Spot radius bleeding over onto objectives in many situations which would obviously need to be tweaked.  On Rush mode however, it definitely presents an issue because once again the Auto-Spot radius just extends way too far, and personally I think it's just a really bad idea for Rush regardless, simply because the defending team's sole objective is to bleed the attacking teams tickets.  This often times requires the defenders to flank the attackers, and overall creates more dynamic gameplay in a very linear game mode.  With the Auto-Spot bug/feature in the Rush, defenders really have no chance of making a strong flank into the enemies camp however because they will be constantly be spotted on the minimap.  Just seems kind of off to me.

So what do you think of the Auto-Spot bug or feature?  Do you think DICE placed it in the game intentionally under the radar?  Do you like the idea of an Auto-Spot on uncaps, or do you think it presents an issue for competitive player?

Check out blackmesatech's video below showing exactly how the "Uncap Auto Spot" bug or feature really works, and the main problems with it.

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