Battlefield 4 UFO Easter Egg on Propaganda Map?

Is there a possible UFO Easter Egg on the new Battlefield 4 map, Propaganda?  According to YouTube personality JackFrags, while playing a round on the new Dragon's Teeth DLC map, his mate shouted out that he saw a UFO!  Whether or not he actually saw a UFO obviously can't be proved, but why would he say he saw a UFO if he didn't?  He went on to tell Jack that it hovered over near the train area and then took off at lightning speed, and even drew a picture of what he saw.  Jack says that his mate is not the type of person to just make stuff up.  Also, a DICE employee (darklord7854) was also on the server in the same round.  If this is indeed a legit Easter Egg he could have possibly activated the UFO during the round, just as players have to activate the Megaladon Easter Egg in Naval Strike?  As many of you already know, the Dragon's Teeth DLC did come with a set of "Alien" dog tags.  Maybe these were hinting at the UFO Easter Egg.

So I guess it's time to comb through the new Propaganda map to see if we can possibly trigger a new Battlefield 4 Easter Egg!  Please take a moment to leave your thoughts about the UFO Easter Egg in the comment section, and let us know what other Easter Eggs you think might appear in Battlefield 4?

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