Battlefield 4 Phantom Initiate Password & How it was Discovered!

Once again the Battlefield 4 community has come together and solved the third Phantom Program assignment!

Phantom Initiate Password: 24344241893
Don't Stop There Though!
This now unlocks Phase 4 in which you can type in anything you would like to unlock it! Such as "awesome" or "sweet" so make sure to do it.

Now unfortunately I'm not the brightest crayon in the box and honestly I'm not really sure how the Phantom Initiate Password was solved.  All I can tell you is that the numbers were decoded from the symbols scattered around the new Dragon's Teeth DLC maps.

However, the good guys over at Reddit have broken it down for us, so if you're smarter than I am . . .which is a definite possibility, you'll possibly understand what they're talking about so here you go:

  1. Grab the symbols from the map (the hexagrams, not the trigrams)
  2. From jjju's barcode int, people mapped those to unicode values: 0x4dc0, 0x4dc0, 0x4dc1, 0x4dc2, 0x4dc4, 0x4dc7, 0x4dcc, 0x4dd4
  3. People also mapped those to the fibonacci sequence (with the value those symbols have in chinese mythology or something): 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21. This gives us an order. Now it turns out you need to take them from largest to smallest, and I got this idea from the battle log console that references the 'max' function.
  4. jjju's formula was pretty explicit showing we were looking for a polynomial, it was missing mostly which value to use as factor and where to start end.
  5. Today's graph picture shows a function that 1) tends to -inf when evaluated at -inf and tends to inf when evaluated at inf. This tells us that the highest x power is odd. 2) It doesn't cross the origin. And when you look at the graph and evaluates what's the function value is at the origin, you get a value between 19000 and 20000. This is exactly the range of value of the unicode char. This also tells us that the polynomial has a x0 term. We have 8 unicode values that map from x0 to x7
  6. From a chat in game from another dev, we had 'X marks the spot' and 'the greek X', which people assumed was related to the console saying CHI = 7.25154120937236. So this gives us the point to evaluate at. The console also mentions the 'floor' function which tells us to ignore the decimal part of the result.
In the end :
f = 19924 * x0 + 19916 * x1 + 19911 * x2 + 19908 * x3 + 19906 * x4 + 19905 * x5 + 19904 * x6 + 19904 * x7
f(7.25154120937236) = 24344241893.00018
=> passcode = 24344241893

Well hopefully you took all that in.  A little too much for me, but that's it! The Phantom Initiate Password has been solved.

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