Battlefield 4: Exclusive CTE Specialist Camo & Core Gameplay Patch 16

Have you been participating in the Battlefield 4 CTE (Community Test Environment)?  Well it seems as though DICE is going to be rewarding players that are participating, starting with their very own exclusive camo.  The camo is called the "CTE Specialist" and is a very dark grey camo, similar to the DICE Exclusive Camo which is all black.  Whether or not there will be future benefits and rewards for testers beyond making Battlefield 4 a better game, and overall smoother experience, is unclear at this time, but it's nice to know that DICE appreciates the players who have taken a little time to help test the game on CTE servers.  It's unsure how you will unlock the camo in CTE, but it has been said that it will become available to the most "eager" testers.  Check out the new "CTE Specialist" camo below.

The CTE has definitely proven to provide some very positive results and allows DICE to test things before actually putting ideas into the main Battlefield 4 servers.  Well DICE does have quite a few things they're working on at the moment for Core Gameplay Patch 16.  It's unsure when or if all of these changes will make it to the main Battlefield 4 servers, but can be tested out on CTE servers now.  The new changes include Weapon Balance Updates, and overall system improvements.  Check out the full list of updates for Core Gameplay Patch 16 below.

Core Gameplay Patch 16

This is what is included in this patch:

Preround READY state Now based on players connected, should be dynamic now. Needed players per team is now controlled by the preround player count, otherwise player can get stuck in the spawn screen.

Visual Recoil & Sight Improvements Shrunk the red dot size a notch to match previous size.

TEST: Added first pass CTE Camo Initial creation of the potential reward for our most eager testers we’ve now added this camo. It is currently a duplicate of the DICE camo, but will be tweaked to more clearly show what faction you are playing as – and be based on a lighter grey color instead of the black. This is not the final state of this camo, just the first step. The way to unlock this later will be announced further down the line.

Added fix for the dual class exploit Where you are able to combine two classes at spawn

Hainan Resort: Decreased terrain destruction along beach near US base

Paracel Storm: Added blocks from swimming below the carrier on Paracel

UI Triage Minimap Icons: option to set minimap icons to auto scale with the minimap scale; moved the minimap scale text slightly up so it doesn’t overlap the commander messages Hud World Icons: icons zoom support for vehicle zoom.

Goal: With the changes to visual recoil, head flinching and netcode weapons have become deadlier and kills faster. Tune weapons to take this into consideration and find clear roles for them in doing so.

A large amount of guns had some small changes made to them. I am trying to not go too crazy at first as so many moving parts could create a problem.

I’d like to get some blind feedback on these changes so I will not be describing every tweak right now. I’m sure symthic will post the info eventually, or I will after some initial feedback.

Most of these changes are based on community/pro feedback that I thought was a great starting point. Here is a list of what has been tweaked, some buffs and some nerfs. None of these changes will be reflected in the stat bars or text descriptions as of yet!

Heavy Barrel, Muzzle Brake, MP7, P90, JS2, L85, AWS, RPK74, RPK12, SR2, AR160, QBZ951, UMP9, PP2000, A91, SG553, AKU12, Type95B1, G36C, CZ805, M60E4, 1911, HK45C, RFB, ACE21, SCAR-H, Bulldog, ACE52, DEagle, FAMAS, F2000, AUG, MTAR, MPX, CBJMS, Type88

What do you guys think of the "CTE Specialist" camo and Battlefield 4 Core Gameplay Patch 16?

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