Battlefield 4 CTE Reduced Weapon Damage Model

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Welcome to another Battlefield 4 CTE discussion!  Today we're discussing even more weapon changes that DICE are currently testing, specifically the reduced damage model  If you haven't heard, DICE is now introducing a new lower damage model on all automatic weapons with a current damage model of 25 or greater.  With weapons like the Scar-H, Bulldog, and ACE 52, they are lowering the minimum damage by 1 (Scar-H & Bulldog now have a 24 minimum damage - The ACE 52 now has a 19 minimum damage).  With assault rifles and carbines that have a 25 max damage, they are reducing their max damage by an unspecified amount.  They have stated clearly though that these weapons will now require at least 5 body shots up close to drop a target instead of 4, so the new damage will be somewhere between 20 & 24.  Check out the video above as I give some of my thoughts on why DICE is introducing the new damage model to Battlefield 4 a feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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