Battlefield 4 CTE Patch 19 Detailed, General Improvements & Teamplay Initiative

DICE LA is still hard at work on the "Core Gameplay" of Battlefield 4, and have rolled out a brand new update or patch to the CTE servers that definitely shows some promise for the future of BF4.  Some of the highlights from the latest CTE Update, Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 19, include HUD tweaks, level and object optimizations,  game mode improvements, further weapon balancing, and more.  Below that you will find some improvements and changes, outlined directly by DICE, that many players in CTE have had the chance to experience since Core Gameplay Patch 16.

So far I've been really impressed with the adjustments and changes I've experience in the CTE servers so far, and I have to say I'm very optimistic about the future of Battlefield 4.  Check out the full list of changes and tweaks, directly from DICE below, and if you haven't done so already, make sure to sign up for the CTE to test the changes and leave DICE your feedback here.

CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 19 Specific Notes:

Audio Change
The change in volume of 3P footsteps based on in game events like explosions and weapon fire has been decreased.
Friendly soldier 3P footsteps are now lower than Enemy 3P footsteps

The result is that 3P enemy footsteps should now be easier to hear during gameplay.  However, 3P Enemy footsteps will disappear in the audio mix temporarily if the player is firing their weapon, or if there is an explosion in close proximity.  This is normal behavior.

Level and Object Optimizations
Freed up more texture memory across all platforms.
Object collision optimization.
Optimize physics objects to minimize “stutters”.
Improved problematic destructible buildings.
Fixed hole in carrier deck collision that allowed people to fall through into the ship and become trapped.
Add fix for AAV not spawning at CP C for team2 correctly on Rogue Transmission.

New hit indicators!
Stabilized reticles now base scale on screen vertical rather than horizontal.
Tweaked the default transparency of the vehicle occupancy and kill log HUD elements.

Obliteration Competitive
Reduced combat area size on Prison.
Blocked pipe access to rooftops on Zavod.

Ready-state deploy menu
Show pre-round timer in the deploy screen.
Implemented the Player Ready state system for all game modes except Defuse. In Defuse we’ll be using the existing custom preround mode.
The UI now renders proper team names and ready counts in friendly/enemy text colors.

Adjusted close and medium sights to proper scale on: assault rifles, pistols, carbines, and shotguns.

General Bug Fixes and Polish
Smoother sway transitions on suppression instead of the reticle instantly jumping and creating a jarring effect.
Fix for inability to rebind gadget 1.
PC support for hot-plugging joysticks. One doesn’t have to restart the game to plug in or swap a joystick anymore
New UI options for tweaking the soldier ADS aiming sensitivity per scope range class and the Uniform Soldier Aiming formula.  These new options are now exposed in a separate Advanced Control Options section.

From undeadpixels,

I’ve implemented a MBTLAW suggestion from the forum, please give lots of feedback on this. Along with this, the Stinger and Igla have had some big changes as well. The missiles now turn much slower and could potentially be dodged by extreme jet maneuvers (Don’t want this to be too easy to do; let me know). Again, please test and feedback on these changes as much as possible as they will continue to change and if everyone likes it will go over to other missiles. I’ve also nerfed the SLAM in an attempt to make the landmines more appealing. 3 will no longer kill a tank, so you will need to be carrying the 6 mine perk to solo a tank with SLAMs. This nerf may have been heavy handed but again, feedback please.

Another large change that I won’t describe specifically here, is to the MP7, FAMAS, and CZ3A1. Please give these weapons a go and let me know how they feel. Detailed changes will come later, but for now, I’ll just say try comparing the FAMAS to the AEK.

General Outline from DICE on Core Gameplay Improvements:

The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 even better. This initiative has been in full swing for a little over two months now, and we’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we hope you have enjoyed. As we’re nearing the end of this initiative and the release of the next Battlefield 4 update, these are the major fixes that it will include:

Game Mode Improvements

General improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault.

Visual Recoil

Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.

Soldier Movement

Changes have been made to soldier movement so that it closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity. This change also makes it easier to get away from undesirable firefights.

Additionally, we’ve dampened third person hit reactions where the soldier previously moved his head around a lot when getting shot at.

HUD Triage

Focusing on clarity, and de-cluttering the HUD/UI to only show what is important – we have added several options and functionality to make your screen much less cluttered (and give you a lot of choice in making it the way you want).

Revive Mechanic Improvements

A special effort went into making revives easier to use, more robust and easier to understand. Additions include a “fully charged” paddle sound, UI indication on revive time and better networked ragdolls.

“Netcode” Improvements

Making ping differences, trade kills and kills behind cover less of an issue by lowering the time allowed to damage on the client side.

Automatic High Frequency Update setting enforced with the intent of release to all platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Improvements to bullet damage times from client to client, “dusting” and de-syncs.

Vehicle Balance

Identifying and tweaking the top vehicles in need of buffs and nerfs.

Weapon Balance

We’ve focused on maintaining a consistent Time To Kill (how long an average engagement lasts for). With the changes to visual recoil, the third person hit reactions and improved “tickrates” has been sped up somewhat as we still need to balance this with damage and recoil changes.

Suppression systems has also been re-tuned and made clearer.

What’s next?

The next initiative on the CTE will be called the Teamplay Initiative. Here we will focus on improving teamplay and the objective aspects of playing Battlefield. This will include everything from Commander, Squads, Field Upgrades and Game Mode improvements, features and bug fixes

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