Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 20-21 Notes

Over the past couple of days DICE has already added two new updates to the CTE servers, preparing for the large Battlefield 4 update they're saying will come in September (if everything goes as planned).  Today I'll be bringing you guys the patch notes for Update 20 & 21 which cover more weapon balance changes, bug fixes, animations, level and object optimization, vehicle changes, hud/ui changes, and general fixes. 

Check out the changes below, and make sure to sign up for the Community Test Environment (CTE) to help DICE test the new changes here!

    SLAMs got some damage and radius back although it is still lower than vanilla. You should now be able to take out a MBT with 3 slams and 1 shot from any launcher.
    More changes to the FAMAS, MP7, and CZ3A1 in an attempt to make them more unique. I read a ton of feedback from the last change (Thanks for that), so please try these out now and see how they feel.
    I’ve also reduced the top speed of the MBT LAW to give a little more warning when it locks.
    Weapon Animations
    Weapon anim fixes. Some DMRs needed to be re-rigged to fix animation issues
    SR2: Fixed missing bolt on empty reload animation, fixed sprint pose clipping issue in water
    870:  Fixed blending issue after zoom fire/pump action animation
    M16: Fixed mismatched bipod pose, broken dust cover on model
    RFB: Removed extra shell that moved when firing with a bipod +  iron sights
    Mk11: Opened dust cover to prevent jamming. Removed incorrect rotation during bipod fire animation.
    All DMRs, M82a3 Battle pickup: Fixed bipod fire issue that skipped fire animation at higher rates-of-fire
    M412 Rex, .44 Magnum: Adjusted fire animations for new trigger delay values, corrected trigger discipline while running
    Level and Object Optimizations
    Improved Willow trees render performance.
    Havoc building optimization.
    General physics object optimization.
    Adding out of bound volume for high places on Dragon’s Teeth maps (i.e. rooftops)
    XP3 Level Fixes
    Pearl Market
    Changed respawn timers for Vehicle spawns in CQ.
    Sunken Dragon
    Surrounding area change for CQL & CQS.
    Adjusted “Traffic jam” street.
    Adjusted team spawning for DM/DOM modes.
    Adjusted water level for DM/DOM modes.
    Jet boost not toggling on button press on consoles fixed.
    Vehicle hold or press button for boost option added.
    Disable jets auto throttle functionality/option for PC.
    New option for whether tapping spot button should give attack/defense orders.
    Updated the placeholder names and description strings for the various new options with proper ones.
    General Fixes
    TDM – Opposite teams are initially spawning too close to each other.
    The Friend zone timers for Domination and Deathmatch levels now are set to start counting on the first player spawn once the players have confirmed ready state.
    Helicopters now affect trees and bushes which react to wind properly.

Here at our studio, we will be shifting our focus to stabilize and fix bugs for the upcoming fall patch.  Here’s what this means for the CTE:

    We will stop introducing new features and concentrate on polishing existing features and fixing bugs.
    We will be focusing on making sure the patch is stable on all platforms.
    Starting tomorrow, we will attempt to release a patch with bug fixes every work day until the patch is ready for submission.
    undeadpixels will continue to tune the weapons and is scheduled to finalize his changes at the end of the week.

  • Level Fixes
    Fixed exploit near capture point E on Paracel Storm.
  • Obliteration
    Disabled UI bomb updates for regular obliteration. Need more feedback on it before it can be released.
  • HUD/UI
    Fix for issue with players switching teams in the deploy screen and not updating the ready needed counts.
    Fixed the separate chainlink bar not changing visibility along with the game mode bar on top of the minimap.
    Fixed issue with having space between the minimap and the team deathmatch game mode info bar.
    The min players ready per team needed for the round to start is no more calculated individually per each team, but from the team with less players now.
  • Weapons
    Adjusted the red dot reticles for medium and long range sights for the Recon Class primary weapons, except for the 338-RECON.
    Adjusted the red dot reticles for DMR weapons.
  • Animations
    Fixed LMG ironsights fires to reflect last few bullets visibility
    Potential fix for for characters going out of sync when getting knifed.
Let us know what you think about the upcoming changes in the comments!

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