Battlefield 4 CTE Update 24 Patch Notes - 3rd Person Jet Camera, Suppressor Buff & More!

Check out the latest Battlefield 4 CTE Patch, including some new weapon changes.

Although DICE previously stated that they would no longer be adding any more updates to the Battlefield CTE in the current initiative, and that they would simply be polishing up the changes already made, it seems as though they've decided otherwise.  So we now have CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 24!  There are more great improvements in this latest update, including an adjustment to the 3rd Person rear view camera on Jets, an increase in bullet velocity on suppressed weapons, and even some more weapon tweaks. Check out the full list of changes for Battlefield 4 Core Gameplay Patch 24, and let us know what you think about the new changes in the comments!

Check out this video to see exactly how the new suppressor and Jet changes are working out in the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment, and then check out the rest of the patch notes below!

►Check out the new Battlefield 4 CTE Sniper Rifle & DMR Changes!

CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay PATCH 24 NOTES:

Modified the frame history value on all the servers to see if that improves the hit registration.

Level and Object Fixes
Collision bug fixes, art bug fixes, occluder fixes, optimization on XP3 maps, Dawnbreaker, Shanghai, Flooded, and Locker.
Misplaced wall on city side of Lumphini Garden.
Fix for player able to make himself invisible in a location near Flag A on Siege

Fixed the optics crosshairs to not scale differently at different screen aspect ratios.  Now they are vertical screen size based like the rest of the gameplay stuff.
Disabled the Team Setup button when player has declared a Ready state.
Disabled clicking the Ready button when the Ready spam guard is active.
Fixed the deploy screen button bar to properly show Deploy/Ready/Unready on consoles.
Fix the Ready State being broken in SQDM.

Adjusted the red dot reticles for medium and long range sights for the CS-LR4 and the Ultimax weapons.
Suppressed bullet velocities have been increased on all guns.
The previous gunner HMG changes do not allow it to reach its max spread value. I’ve increased the rate at which it spreads slightly so holding it will reach max dispersion now.
Small increase to damage fall off range for the SCAR-H, Bulldog, and ACE52.
SR338 has had a big reduction in spread increase. I would ideally like to increase this weapons ROF at a later time, at which point its values will be adjusted.
Type95 and QBZ have been given the correct modifiers for their close range optics. They now allow for the faster bullpup-style movement in ADS.
SVD12 has had a small reduction in its increase per shot giving it a slight RPM advantage over the SCAR-HSV.

Fixed the chase camera bugs when the camera target is oriented straight up or down.
Jets affect trees and bushes which react to wind properly.
Slightly pulled away the jets 3P rear view camera.

Medium graphics level postprocessing now uses BicubicSharp instead of Linear scale resample mode (like High and Ultra).

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