Battlefield 4 CTE Update 22 & 23 Patch Notes - Rollbacks, Bug Fixes, & More Weapon Tweaks!

DICE LA is still hard at work on the Battlefield 4 CTE servers preparing for September's retail patch.  These could be the final two updates for Initiative #2 (Core Gameplay) where we actually see some major changes.  Until Initiative #3 (Teamplay Initiative) it looks like DICE will simply be working on polishing up the new changes making sure everything is running smoothly before they release the patch to the BF4 retail version.

There are quite a few bug fixes and interesting weapon changes, namely that all the weapons that previously had a ROF (rate of fire) greater than 900 rpm are going back to their retail/vanilla values.  This means the Famas is currently still a 1000 RMP weapon (it's mag size is now back to 25 rounds as well).  Stingers and Igla's are also back to their original stats, but they've made it a point that they will be revisiting these later on.

They've also update the Pre-round Ready State so that it now has a 3 minute timer.  This means rounds will take no longer than 3 minutes to begin after the first player hits the ready button, regardless if the other players have "ready up'ed" or not.  This is definitely a necessary feature.

Many sniper rifles & DMR's are also getting a muzzle velocity increase in order to counter the higher player movement speed DICE introduced awhile back.  The JNG-90's bullet velocity is going from 560 m/s to 670 m/s.  As of now this is the highest known muzzle velocity out of any bolt action in Battlefield 4.  We've also heard that the CS LR4 is also getting a substantial muzzle velocity increase, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a significant buff to the new CS5 bolt action rifle.

Check out all the full list of patch notes below, and let us know what you think about the upcoming changes!


    Rolling back of 3P soldier footsteps fixes.  They seemed to be causing very bad white noise sometimes.
    Defibrilator charged sound tweaked so it is louder. Fixes the bug with the charged sound not being heard during battles

    Fixed issue with customization screen not being torn down when match starts.

    Fixed the minimap world directions not showing in the Chinese version of the game.

  •     Fixed the problem of if the soldier goes down while shooting then revived, he comes back with weapon spread temporary stuck wide open.
  •     Fixed the bug where after shooting player very quickly switches to another weapon then switches back, then the spread is large until after the first shot.
  •     Small buff to PDW moving ADS accuracy.
  •     Bullpup PDWs and Carbines now have their own bullpup modifiers with tweaked penalty and bonus to align with the group’s base stats.
  •     Another small tweak to the heavy barrel. Moved some of the min spread bonus into a reduction of spread increase per shot.
  •     Small buff to the moving accuracy of mag fed LMGs. They shared moving accuracy with the belt fed guns but don’t have the mag size to back it up.
  •     Buff to vehicle MGs. LMG has a little more range to its damage now while the HMG is more accurate.
  •     Reduced inner blast radius of the Scout 25mm to reflect the intended nerf described in earlier patch notes.
 UPDATE:  After today’s patch release, we will need to stop the CTE releases and focus on stabilizing the upcoming patch. However, we may still release patches on the CTE when it makes sense (i.e. we fix a major issue and need community support).  Once the patch has been completed, we resume our usual two-a-week CTE releases and pick up where we left off with the Core Gameplay Initiative.  Thanks everyone for your help and I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop.

A few fixes and a lot of weapon changes in today’s patch.


    Added a 3 minute timer to auto start the round even if not enough players are ready by then. The timer starts on the first player who declared Ready state.
    Added a spam guard on the Ready button. If player starts spamming it, it won’t let him unready for a while.
    -From undeadpixels,
    Hey soldiers, sorry for rushing these notes, but here they are:
    SAR21 now has the bullpup modifier.
    Horizontal recoil has had a reduction on low ROF weapons to improve their usefulness at long range vs high ROF.
    Bullet velocities have changed on all DMRs. This is a buff to DMRs but partially to counter to new player movement speeds. (Range zeroing may be wrong for a patch or two)
    Small increase to shotgun slug velocity.
    Many DMRs have been given an extra magazine.
    CZ75 got a small buff in its accuracy, offset by an increase in the moving penalty so it is not more accurate while moving but about the same as before, to reflect its use as a longer range sidearm.
    Nerf to DEagle. Now falls off to 28 damage at max range.
    Slower sniper rifles have had velocity increases. (Range zeroing may be wrong for a patch or two)
    Slightly lowered ROF on GOL Magnum.
    Reverted to vanilla values:
    Stigla changes have been reverted and will be revisited post retail patch.
    >900 RPM weapon changes have been reverted to vanilla values and may be revisited at a later time.

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