Titanfall: Pilot Only Mode Confirmed by Respawn Entertainment (Pilot Skirmish)

Respawn Entertainment just announced that in their next game update they will be introducing a Pilot Only game mode called Pilot Skirmish.  They haven't released any further details about the new Pilot Only mode apart from the fact that it will be 8 vs 8 players with no AI and of course, no Titans.

I'm certainly eager to try out the new Pilot Skirmish game mode, but I think that Respawn Entertainment could take it a step further and just give players a Pilot Only option for all the current game modes that it would actually work with.

Along with the Pilot Skirmish game mode there are a lot of gameplay and balance improvements on the way.  Check out the full list of updates coming in Titanfall's next patch here.

What do you think about the new Pilot Skirmish game mode coming to Titanfall? 

PS4 has most active Battlefield 4 Players?

According to P-Stats (Player Stats Network), who tracked active Battlefield 4 players across all platforms, the PS4 has the most active BF4 players.  This includes players on PC. 

As we all know Battlefield has been known for being highly popular on PC since the the franchise launched almost 11 years ago, but it seems as though the tide could be turning.  It's not unusual that the PC version of Battlefield in the past has always had the more active players.  The game did offer a much better experience to PC players than players on the older generation platforms because their hardware could handle the full experience.  64 players, more vehicles, the works.  With the next generation consoles however, being able to provide the full Battlefield experience, and much improved graphics, it seems as though things may be changing.

Of course this could have a lot to do with the problems that Battlefield 4 players have experienced on the PC that has caused many people to walk away from the game.  All platforms have been affected by the bugs and issues, but I think that many of the once loyal Battlefield community on the PC have taken these issues much harder than console owners because this was "their" game.

DICE is hard at work on improving Battlefield 4 with the CTE (Community Test Environment), and should have a game changing patch launching in early September.  Hopefully this will bring PC players, and players on all platforms back to the game and back to the Battlefield community.

Amazon buys Twitch for $970 Million

For several months now it's been rumored that Google.com would be buying out Twitch.TV, the most popular streaming website online today. This merge would have most likely had something to do with already Google owned YouTube.  However, today it's been confirmed that Twitch.TV has just been aquired by Amazon.com for $970 Million.

It was reported awhile back that Google.com had already purchased the streaming company for over $1 Billion, but all rumors have been thwarted today, as it is now official that Twitch.TV is now part of Amazon.

Twitch.TV claimed in a press release that there would not be any major changes to the network; that they would be keeping the same employees, same office, and above all their independence.  So we probably won't see too much difference as far as how the site is run, and if we do, hopefully it will just be better change.

Battlefield 4 CTE Update 24 Patch Notes - 3rd Person Jet Camera, Suppressor Buff & More!

Check out the latest Battlefield 4 CTE Patch, including some new weapon changes.

Although DICE previously stated that they would no longer be adding any more updates to the Battlefield CTE in the current initiative, and that they would simply be polishing up the changes already made, it seems as though they've decided otherwise.  So we now have CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 24!  There are more great improvements in this latest update, including an adjustment to the 3rd Person rear view camera on Jets, an increase in bullet velocity on suppressed weapons, and even some more weapon tweaks. Check out the full list of changes for Battlefield 4 Core Gameplay Patch 24, and let us know what you think about the new changes in the comments!

Check out this video to see exactly how the new suppressor and Jet changes are working out in the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment, and then check out the rest of the patch notes below!

►Check out the new Battlefield 4 CTE Sniper Rifle & DMR Changes!

CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay PATCH 24 NOTES:

Modified the frame history value on all the servers to see if that improves the hit registration.

Level and Object Fixes
Collision bug fixes, art bug fixes, occluder fixes, optimization on XP3 maps, Dawnbreaker, Shanghai, Flooded, and Locker.
Misplaced wall on city side of Lumphini Garden.
Fix for player able to make himself invisible in a location near Flag A on Siege

Fixed the optics crosshairs to not scale differently at different screen aspect ratios.  Now they are vertical screen size based like the rest of the gameplay stuff.
Disabled the Team Setup button when player has declared a Ready state.
Disabled clicking the Ready button when the Ready spam guard is active.
Fixed the deploy screen button bar to properly show Deploy/Ready/Unready on consoles.
Fix the Ready State being broken in SQDM.

Battlefield Hardline: Interview with Thad Sasser (Lead Multiplayer Designer) - Easter Eggs Confirmed!

Check out this interview by JackFrags with Thad Sasser, the lead multiplayer designer on Battlefield Hardline!  Sasser talks about the steps they're taking with Battlefield Hardline to really bring the cops and robbers fantasy to life, as well as many improvements to the game that they're working on based off player feedback.  Sasser even confirms that there will be Easter Eggs in Battlefield Hardline, but says he can't confirm any sort of Phantom Program like we saw in Battlefield 4.  Check out the interview below, and please take a moment to let us know your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline in the comments.  Are you pumped for the game, or not so much?  What else do you think Visceral Games can do to improve Battlefield Hardline and bring the cops vs criminals fantasy to a whole new level?  Also, what features are you most excited about?

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Battlefield 4 Interview with CTE Developer - The Overall Goal!

Check out this interview by YouTube producer MarbleDuck with a Battlefield 4 CTE developer talking about the direction that DICE is going as far as weapon balancing, plus core gameplay mechanics & new features!  Make sure to sign up for the Community Test Environment here.

Battlefield 4 Latest CTE Weapon Stats - Snipers, DMR's, Assault Rifles . . .

Check out the latest CTE Weapon Stats for all weapon classes!

DICE LA is still tweaking  and testing weapons on CTE (Community Test Environment) servers of course, so now we have a brand new batch of weapon stats for all the Battlefield 4 weapon classes!  The information comes from YouTube video producer MarbleDuck, so make sure to check out his channel for more great info and Battlefield 4 weapon stats!  Also don't forget to sign up for CTE to try on the new weapon changes and to help improve Battlefield 4 overall.

Battlefield 4 CTE Update 22 & 23 Patch Notes - Rollbacks, Bug Fixes, & More Weapon Tweaks!

DICE LA is still hard at work on the Battlefield 4 CTE servers preparing for September's retail patch.  These could be the final two updates for Initiative #2 (Core Gameplay) where we actually see some major changes.  Until Initiative #3 (Teamplay Initiative) it looks like DICE will simply be working on polishing up the new changes making sure everything is running smoothly before they release the patch to the BF4 retail version.

Battlefield 4 CTE Reduced Weapon Damage Model

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Welcome to another Battlefield 4 CTE discussion!  Today we're discussing even more weapon changes that DICE are currently testing, specifically the reduced damage model  If you haven't heard, DICE is now introducing a new lower damage model on all automatic weapons with a current damage model of 25 or greater.  With weapons like the Scar-H, Bulldog, and ACE 52, they are lowering the minimum damage by 1 (Scar-H & Bulldog now have a 24 minimum damage - The ACE 52 now has a 19 minimum damage).  With assault rifles and carbines that have a 25 max damage, they are reducing their max damage by an unspecified amount.  They have stated clearly though that these weapons will now require at least 5 body shots up close to drop a target instead of 4, so the new damage will be somewhere between 20 & 24.  Check out the video above as I give some of my thoughts on why DICE is introducing the new damage model to Battlefield 4 a feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section!

Battlefield Hardline: Second Beta Confirmed + Release Date Window & More!

In a recent interview by Symthic.com with Visceral Games from Gamescom 2014, Visceral Games revealed a ton of new information regarding Battlefield Hardline.  The info included the release date window for not only the full version of the game but the second Beta as well.  They also gave their take on topics like destruction, suppression, competitive play, levolution, & much more.  They've also confirmed that scope glint will return, however the infamous mortar will not!  Check out the video above for my thoughts on the main highlights of the interview, and check out the full interview here.

Beta Release Date: The Battlefield Hardline Beta will begin in January (No exact date confirmed)
Release Date: The Release date for the full game will be one month after the Beta (so February)

Battlefield 4 Zombie/Infected Mod Gameplay

Check out some gameplay from the new Battlefield 4 Zombie Mod!  The Mod is very similar to Call of Duty's Infected game mode in principle, but there are quite a few Battlefield elements in it that in my opinion make it far better, and a lot more fun! Please take a moment to check out the video above, and let me know your thoughts on the new BF4 Zombie game mode in the comments section.

Note:  This is not an official DICE game mode, but you can find it on custom, unranked servers.

Play Zombies!:
Zombie Server 1
Zombie Server 2

Battlefield 4 Megalodon Appearing on Discovery Channel's Shark Week!

According to the official Battlefield 4 Twitter, the infamous Megaladon is not only making a splash on the Battlefield, but will now be appearing on the Discovery Channel as part of Shark Week!  I guess the hundreds of hours of Easter Egg hunting by Battlefield 4 players is finally making a real impact now!

Battlefield 4 New Features & How They Work - HUD/UI Customization, Revive Mechanics, & Pre Round Ready State

Today I'm discussing a few new features coming to Battlefield 4 in September's big patch/update including HUD/UI customization, revive mechanics, and the pre-round ready state.  These changes are currently working very well in the BF4 CTE, and will in my opinion be completely game changing!  Check out the video above, and don't forget to Subscribe to Chance Gaming Media on YouTube!

Battlefield Hardline Rescue Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer & How to Play

Check out the all new Battlefield Hardline Rescue Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer
Yesterday we saw the teaser trailer for the Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode and were really unsure what Rescue Mode was all about.  I personally thought it was a Co-op game mode.  The new trailer has now confirmed that this is not a Co-op mode and is indeed a new multiplayer game mode.

How to play Rescue Mode Details:
  • 5v5
  • Attackers vs Defenders
  • Defenders must guard a high value hostage
  • Attackers must secure the hostage and return it to their base
Rescue Mode seems to be a game mode that will require a ton of teamwork and communication between players to be very successful, especially for the Attackers who must secure the hostage and transport them back to their base.  I've heard that once you secure the hostage, you literally have to pick them up and carry them while your teammates defend you and the hostage.

Sounds like this could be a very interesting game mode, and a very fitting game mode for Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield 4 CTE Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 20-21 Notes

Over the past couple of days DICE has already added two new updates to the CTE servers, preparing for the large Battlefield 4 update they're saying will come in September (if everything goes as planned).  Today I'll be bringing you guys the patch notes for Update 20 & 21 which cover more weapon balance changes, bug fixes, animations, level and object optimization, vehicle changes, hud/ui changes, and general fixes. 

Check out the changes below, and make sure to sign up for the Community Test Environment (CTE) to help DICE test the new changes here!

Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer Gameplay First Look

Check out a first look at Battlefield Hardline's singleplayer campaign!
Visceral Games has been known for their developing great singleplayer experiences.  On the other hand Battlefield games have never really been known for providing fans a solid singleplayer apart from BFBC2.   With Visceral Games at the wheel, are you excited to see what they will do with Battlefield Hardline's singleplayer, or will you ignore it all together and stick with the multiplayer?

Battlefield Hardline - Rescue Mode Teaser Trailer

Check out the all new Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode Teaser Trailer from Visceral Games.  From the trailer it's unclear what the new mode is all about, but could this possibly be a Co-op mode, or maybe a new multiplayer game mode?  Let us know what you think about the new Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode Trailer in the comments!

Battlefield 4 CTE Patch 19 Detailed, General Improvements & Teamplay Initiative

DICE LA is still hard at work on the "Core Gameplay" of Battlefield 4, and have rolled out a brand new update or patch to the CTE servers that definitely shows some promise for the future of BF4.  Some of the highlights from the latest CTE Update, Initiative #2: Core Gameplay Patch 19, include HUD tweaks, level and object optimizations,  game mode improvements, further weapon balancing, and more.  Below that you will find some improvements and changes, outlined directly by DICE, that many players in CTE have had the chance to experience since Core Gameplay Patch 16.

So far I've been really impressed with the adjustments and changes I've experience in the CTE servers so far, and I have to say I'm very optimistic about the future of Battlefield 4.  Check out the full list of changes and tweaks, directly from DICE below, and if you haven't done so already, make sure to sign up for the CTE to test the changes and leave DICE your feedback here.

Battlefield 4 CTE Core Gameplay Patch 18 - Weapon Stats and Attachment Changes Detailed

Here are the latest weapon and attachment changes coming to Battlefield 4 in Core Gameplay Patch 18.  These tweaks will nerf many fan favorite weapons, make many weapons that players overlook much more effective, and will definitely have players rethinking weapon attachments.  These weapons and attachment changes are currently available in the CTE (Community Test Enviornment) for Battlefield 4.  Make sure to hop on a CTE server and try them out!

How to use BFCinematicTools for Montage Cinematics & More, with Advanced Tips

 Want to make some insanley, mindblowing cinematics for your Battlefield 4 montages, or video intros?  Here's a full tutorial teaching you exactly how to use the new cinematics software from BFCinematicsTools, uploaded by  YouTube user ZynovFTW. The tutorial also includes some really cool advanced tips that will help your videos stand out from all the rest (nighttime effects, blur effects, and more)!  Check out the video below and learn how to use the new software from BFCinematicsTools, and if you haven't already, don't forget to click the link below to download the program directly from BFCinematicsTools.com!

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Battlefield 4 UFO Easter Egg on Propaganda Map?

Is there a possible UFO Easter Egg on the new Battlefield 4 map, Propaganda?  According to YouTube personality JackFrags, while playing a round on the new Dragon's Teeth DLC map, his mate shouted out that he saw a UFO!  Whether or not he actually saw a UFO obviously can't be proved, but why would he say he saw a UFO if he didn't?  He went on to tell Jack that it hovered over near the train area and then took off at lightning speed, and even drew a picture of what he saw.  Jack says that his mate is not the type of person to just make stuff up.  Also, a DICE employee (darklord7854) was also on the server in the same round.  If this is indeed a legit Easter Egg he could have possibly activated the UFO during the round, just as players have to activate the Megaladon Easter Egg in Naval Strike?  As many of you already know, the Dragon's Teeth DLC did come with a set of "Alien" dog tags.  Maybe these were hinting at the UFO Easter Egg.

So I guess it's time to comb through the new Propaganda map to see if we can possibly trigger a new Battlefield 4 Easter Egg!  Please take a moment to leave your thoughts about the UFO Easter Egg in the comment section, and let us know what other Easter Eggs you think might appear in Battlefield 4?

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Battlefield 4: Exclusive CTE Specialist Camo & Core Gameplay Patch 16

Have you been participating in the Battlefield 4 CTE (Community Test Environment)?  Well it seems as though DICE is going to be rewarding players that are participating, starting with their very own exclusive camo.  The camo is called the "CTE Specialist" and is a very dark grey camo, similar to the DICE Exclusive Camo which is all black.  Whether or not there will be future benefits and rewards for testers beyond making Battlefield 4 a better game, and overall smoother experience, is unclear at this time, but it's nice to know that DICE appreciates the players who have taken a little time to help test the game on CTE servers.  It's unsure how you will unlock the camo in CTE, but it has been said that it will become available to the most "eager" testers.  Check out the new "CTE Specialist" camo below.

Battlefield 4 Phantom Initiate Password & How it was Discovered!

Once again the Battlefield 4 community has come together and solved the third Phantom Program assignment!

Battlefield 4 "Uncap Auto Spot" - Undiscovered Bug or Unannounced Feature?

 Today we're taking a look at either a new bug or possibly a new feature DICE slipped into Battlefield 4 under the rader.  This "Uncap Auto Spot" issue/feature has just been discovered by YouTuber blackmesatech, who points out that he hadn't noticed this issue until playing on the new Dragon's Teeth DLC maps.  Check out the video below to learn more!

So a few questions have to be asked with this new "Uncap Auto-Spot" issue, or possibly feature arising in Battlefield 4.  First off; did DICE intend for the Auto-Spot to be in the game when a player is near the enemy deployment?  Were these possibly measures taken by DICE to help ward off base campers or possibly give a team that's spawn trapped a small advantage of possibly of breaking it?  If this is the case however, why hasn't DICE announced this Uncap Auto-Spot "feature" among the other new features in Battlefield 4.  Next; is this even a new issue/feature?  Well obviously no one has ever noticed any sort of Auto-Spot occurring before, or we would have most likely heard about it before now.  So has it been there since the launch of Battlefield 4 or is this something completely new, possibly coming with the new Dragon's Teeth DLC, either intentionally or unintentionally?

Could Battlefield Hardline be Battlefield's Downfall?

 Today we discuss Battlefield: Hardline and whether or not the cops and robbers themed first person shooter could possibly be the ruin of the Battlefield franchise.  Obviously the game is being developed by Visceral Games, a company who are completely new to the Battlefield franchise, and not only that, they're trying to develop a Battlefield game that's not even military themed.  Could Battlefield: Hardline potentially make or break the franchise?  Check out the video below, and make sure to let us know what you think!