BULLDOG VS. SCAR-H - Battlefield 4 Weapon Stats Comparison

Time to take a look at the all new Bulldog assault rifle recently released with the Dragon's Teeth DLC, and compare it to another powerhouse among the AR's . . .the infamous Scar-H!  The Bulldog and Scar-H are very comparable weapons, and stand out among the other BF4 assault rifles in a major way with much higher damage models.  The two weapons still differ from one another quite a bit however, and this weapon comparison will show where each of these weapons will perform the best on the battlefield, and will help you find which weapon best fits your play-style.  Please take a moment to check my in depth comparison of the Bulldog assault rifle and Scar-H above, and let me know which one you favor!

Bulldog Weapon Stats
Damage - 34-25 (8m-55m dropoff, -15 m/s bullet drop)
ROF - 700 RPM
Reload - 2.5 short, 3.2 long
Muzzle Velocity - 450 m/s, 290 m/s suppressed
Mag Size - 20 + 1, 5 magazines

Scar - H Weapon Stats
Damage - 34-25 (8m-55m, -15m/s bullet drop)
ROF - 620 RPM
Reload - 1.9 short, 2.4 long
Muzzle Velocity - 410 m/s, 300 m/s suppressed
Mag Size - 20 + 1


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