Battlefield 4 Multiple Class Glitch - Mix & Match Class Gadgets

Have you ever wanted to use the recon class gadgets with an assault weapon in Battlefield 4?  Or maybe the engineer class gadgets on the recon class?  In this video uploaded by TheTechGamer you'll find out exactly how you can do this.  Try it out now before DICE removes it!

How to perfom the glitch:
- Select the class you want to use, and make sure both of your gadget slots say "No Gadget"
- After that, select the class in which you want to use it's gadgets
- Select the gadgets you want to use, then place your mouse cursor back on the class you want to use them with (don't click it yet)
- After this, all you need to do is press "ENTER" and then select your class immediately afterwards

You should be able to have some fun with this at least for a little while before DICE catches wind of the glitch and removes it.

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*Update - DICE has found out about the multiple class glitch, and will be removing it in the big September patch.

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