Battlecry Reveal Trailer & Beta Release Date Window

Check out the new reveal trailer from Bethesda Softworks for their upcoming title Battlecry.  The trailer is well done, but doesn't reveal too much about the games storyline or what style of gameplay we can expect from Battlecry.  I'll definitely have to see some gameplay before forming any opinions on the title.  I'm sure will be learning more about Battlecry in the upcoming months, as the trailer does reveal a Beta release date window for 2015.  We probably won't see a full release until mid to late 2015, or possibly early 2016.  What do guys think about our first glimpse of Battlecry?

ESO: How To Enter Craglorn Adventure Zone - The Elder Scrolls Online

Craglorn has finally hit The Elder Scrolls Online! Check out my quick guide on how to enter the new Craglorn Adventure Zone.

There are three locations in Tamriel where you can find a man named Star-Gazer Herald who can transport you to Craglorn.  He's located in the city of Mournhold in Deshaan, in the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven, and the city of Elden Root in Grahtwood.  Look for a new quest marker once you've entered one of these cities and you'll be on your way to Craglorn in no time.

For more information on the requirements for the new Craglorn Adventure Zone and what you can look forward to, please take a moment to check out my video guide above.

ESO: Trials and Tribulations - Return Frandar's Scrolls - The Elder Scrolls Online

Hey guys! Here's a quick guide showing you the correct order you must place Frandar's Scrolls to continue the Trials and Tribulations quest in The Elder Scrolls Online!  Please leave a Like if this video helped you out, and take a moment to sign up for our email list for more gaming tips, tricks, and guides!

Place the scrolls from left to right in this order:
"Mastery of Discipline"
"Mastery of Devotion"
"Mastery of Wisdom"
"Mastery of Sacrifice"

Make sure it works!  Check out the my video guide below.


Elder Scrolls Online: What's in store for ESO's future?

There's a lot of good stuff in store for the future of The Elder Scrolls Online and it's players.  We have our first major update rolling out very soon, which includes a ton of changes that are currently being tested by players in PTS.  These changes are not finalized yet, as ZOS is still working on balancing tweaks.  Hopefully all classes will be balanced more closely for PvP and PvE, escpecially with the ESO: Trials coming in the Craglorn expansion.  To see the full list ESO version 1.1 patch notes click here (subject to change).

Here's a list of what ZOS has in store for the future of The Elder Scrolls Online directly from the ESO official site.  Let me know what you're most excited about in the comments: