Titanfall Xbox 360 Framerate Test

According to a recent framerate test of Titanfall on the Xbox 360, the game averages about 46.5 frames per second with the frame rate unlocked (capped at 60 FPS).  You can however lock the frame rate at 30 FPS for a more consistent experience.  The 46.5 average actually comes close to the Xbox One version of the game, however Titanfall on the 360 is only displayed at a 1040x600 resolution compared to the X1's 1408x792 resolution.  Each version has 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (2X MSAA), however you will definitely be able tell the differences in textures and overall graphics between the two consoles.

According to reports, leaving the frame rate of Titanfall on the Xbox 360 unlocked will give players a lot of screen-tearing issues and inconsistent controller response times.  Check out the Titanfall Xbox 360 Framerate Test in the video above.

These framerates line up with what we heard from Bluepoint games awhile back saying the game "would run above 30fps."  Overall, I do believe you'll get a true Titanfall experience if you're on the Xbox 360, and whether you want to lock or unlock the frame rate is up to you.

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