Elder Scrolls Online "Trials" Detailed - Craglorn

A recent news article posted on the official ESO blog detailed a bit more information about the new Craglorn Adventure Zone, this time focusing on Trials.  So, what are ESO Trials?

Trials are timed-based quests specifically designed for 12 player VR10 groups that according to the ESO official news page will include "the most complex and difficult encounters" they've designed "so far."  Each group will set out to make it through the entire trial as fast as possible, working as a team to make it through each phase, and in the end defeat the final boss.  The trial is only completed when your entire group defeats the final boss.

What incentives are there for participating in the Trials?  Each main boss will drop special set pieces once per week, and if your group clears top 100 on the Leaderboards you can expect an additional set piece. No worries though, if you and you're group are struggling to the defeat the final boss, they promise "the very best loot" for making it through other encounters in the Trials as well.

All-in-all what I have gathered about the Trials portion of the Craglorn Adventure Zone is that these will be very rigorous and difficult quests designed for the most Veteran ESO players.  The trials will require teamwork, strategy, and individual skill.  Definitely nothing for the faint of heart.

No word on when the Craglorn Adventure Zone will be coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, but I imagine we'll see the expansion sometime in the next month or so.  Make sure to check out the new ESO Trials trailer above and the new screenshots below. Get all the details of the new Craglorn expansion on the ESO Official Site.

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