BF4: Possible "Werner" Easter Eggs?

So, it looks as though the Battlefield 4 Easter Egg hunt may still be alive and active, as the Reddit community and many others around the Battlefield community continue to decipher different letters, sounds, and symbols placed around the Battlefield 4 maps.

YouTube producer RubberDiscGaming possibly cracked a code located under a Naval Strike aircraft carrier that points to an E.T.C Werner who apparently worked on the real life Hainan Island.  Whether or not that's the Easter Egg in itself or it's pointing to a larger Easter Egg, such as the Megalodon located on Nasha Strike is unsure at this time, but it all sounds pretty interesting.  Check out the video below to learn more about the Battlefield 4 Werner Easter Egg.

Recently the Phantom Trainee Password was discovered

Check out an even more in depth video about the BF4 "Werner" Easter Egg from RubberDiscGaming

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