Titanfall Weapon Stats Discovered in PC Game Files

Recently a Denkirson forum user who goes by Dissentia put together a chart of some Titanfall weapon stats that he discovered in the Titanfall PC game files.  The stats include weapon damage, reload times, fire rates, magazine capacities, and more.  The stats are most likely pretty accurate since they are directly from the game files, but I'm sure we'll get some more in-depth stat breakdowns later on from sites like Symthic.com which will break down stats like bullet velocity and damage drop off over longer ranges. However, this Titanfall weapon stats chart should give you a better idea of how each weapon in Titanfall performs statistically.

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You can also gather information, like which weapon has the fastest time-to-kill against an enemy Titan during a rodeo, which seems  to go to the Spitfire LMG.  The slowest time-to-kill appears to go to the Kraber-AP Sniper.  Obviously the time-to-kill against pilots will differ as the Kraber-AP Sniper can technically drop an enemy pilot in one shot. 

What do you guys think about these stats?  Will it effect which weapons you carry onto the battlefield?

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