Battlefield 4: Two-Handed Ballistic Shield Coming With Dragon's Teeth DLC

DICE has just announced that they will be implementing a Two-Handed Ballistic Shield in the Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC.  No worries though . . .from DICE's description, it does not sound like a Call of Duty riot shield that will enable players to run around the map, shield bashing their opponents.  DICE is saying that the shield will require two hands to use, and that it will not work alongside your weapons.  So basically it sounds like it will just be moveable piece of cover.

A while back DICE was considering implementing a shield in Battlefield 4 that you could use alongside your weapons.  They were considering giving the shield a small opening  that you could literally place your weapon through and be fully protected from the front.  For several reasons they came to the conclusion that the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield would be the best implementation of a shield in the game, and that it would encourage some more tactical, team oriented game play.

What do you guys think about the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield coming to Battlefield 4 with the Dragon's Teeth DLC?  What other weapons, equipment, and gadgets would you like to see in Battlefield 4 or future Battlefield games?

Check out the video below where I talk about the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield and give my thoughts on it.  Also, I just hit 5K Subscribers on YouTube and have a special giveaway that anyone has a chance to win!

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