Battlefield 4 - How To Unlock All Naval Strike DLC Weapons & Equipment

So DICE has revealed a ton of new information about the Naval Strike DLC in the lastest PS4 update, including all the assignments to unlock all the new weapons, equipment, and gadgets!  The new weapons we will be able to unlock are the AR160 Assault Rifle, the SR-2 PDW, the AWS light machine gun, the SR338 Semi-Auto (DMR) sniper rifle, and the SW40 Pistol!  You will also be able to unlock a couple of new gadgets including the M320 3GL (3 Grenade Launcher) for the Assault Class, and AA Mines (Anti-Air) for the Engineer Class!

If you own Battlefield 4 for the PC and are a Premium Member, then you can begin working on these assignments right now, and begin unlocking all Naval Strike DLC weapons apart from the SR338 Semi-Auto sniper (requires the Naval Strike maps to complete the assignment).

Please take a moment to check out my video below showcasing some Battlefield 4 Scout Helicopter gameplay on Paracel Storm as I explain exactly how you unlock each new weapon!  Also, for quick reference, there are some brief explanations below of each Naval Strike assignment.  Enjoy!

All 5  Naval Strike DLC Weapon Assignments & Equipment Assignments:

- Must Achieve Rank 10
- Must own the Naval Strike DLC Expansion Pack

"Packing A Punch" - Unlock the SR-2 PDW
- Destroy 20 Boats

"Spare Time Sniper" - Unlock the AR160 Assault Rifle
- Assault Ribbons x3
- Get 20 Headshots with Assault Rifles

"Swiss Cheese" - Unlock the AWS LMG
- LMG Ribbons x3
- Destroy 3 Vehicles as Support Class

"Always Deadly" - Unlock the SR338 Sniper Rifle (Semi-Auto)
- Sniper Rifle Ribbons x3
- Get 5 Kills with C4 on Naval Strike maps

"Curve Ball" - Unlock the SW40 Pistol
- Get 10 Kills with Impact Grenades

"Multi Tool" - Unlock the M320 3GL - Assault Class Only Equipment
- Get 10 Kills with UGL Darts
- Get 10 Kills with UGL LVG

"Death From Below" - Unlock the Anti Air Mines (AA Mines) - Engineer Only Equipment
- PDW Ribbon x3
- Destroy 5 Attack Air Vehicles with Rocket Launchers

If you enjoyed the video and appreciate the info, then take a moment to head over to my YouTube channel for lots of great Battlefield 4 content!


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