Planetside 2 - Inside Player Studio Part 1

Time to take a deeper look at Planetside 2 Player Studio.  If you're into photoshop or graphic design, definitely take a look at this video.  Learn how you can earn real money by creating virtual items that can be featured in Planetside 2.  Create helmets, camos and more and earn real cash! Learn more about Planetside 2 Player Studio here!

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Patch Notes - My Thoughts

Check out some of my thoughts on the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike patch notes that we recently received from DICE. Check out the full list of patch notes here.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Patch Notes

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Patch Notes

-General stability improvements
-Fix for a crash that could occur when players were customizing vehicles.
-Fix for an issue in the Rush game mode where end-of-round screen would always indicate that there were 60 minutes left of the game.
-Fix for an issue where the splash damage for IFV shells, Helicopter rockets, and Mortar rounds was unable to destroy deployed equipment.
-Fix for an issue that could cause the quad bike to explode when it hit indestructible objects.
-Fix for an issue that would cause sniper rifles to display too much bloom when aiming in snowy conditions, especially the outside areas of Operation Locker.
-Fix for an issue where the ECM would sometimes fail to jam incoming missiles.
-Shortened the take-off distances for jets to match the length of the runways in Second Assault maps.
-Fix for going above ceiling exploits in Operation Metro.
-Fix for a new MAV riding exploit.
-Fix for kill camera jittering/strobing sometimes if colliding with other world objects or terrain.
-Fix for soldiers getting catapulted when walking on steep surfaces

-Fix for an issue where the kill camera would display the incorrect killer.
-Fix for an issue where the kill card won’t show up when playing on servers which have the kill camera turned off.
-Fixed an issue where other soldiers would appear to fire in the wrong direction when turning quickly.
-Fix for weapons firing twice, or not at all in some instances.
-Fix for an issue where explosions didn’t do any damage to infantry and vehicles that were outside of the combat area.
-Fix for an issue where late-joining players wouldn’t correctly experience Levolution events on Paracel Storm and Flood Zone.
-Fix for an issue that could cause packet loss.

-Added Gold Battlepacks as rewards for Class Service Stars, allowing players that have reached the max Rank to continue earning new Battlepacks.

-Increased the damage of the normal buckshot against targets with Body Armor.
-Reduced the vertical recoil of the M4 and M16A4 to give these burst fire weapons a tighter burst accuracy in their mid- to long range role.
-Reduced the side-to-side and first shot recoil of the G36C. This weapon now has the lowest side-to-side recoil of the carbines, giving it a clear controllable low rate of fire role, especially when compared to the AK5C, Type-95B-1 and the AKU-12.
-Tweaked the detonation time of the 40mm LVG so it bounces less before going off. The maximum damage has however been reduced to 80 like the RGO.
-Reduced the number of how many 40mm HE and LVG rounds players can carry, from 4 to 3.
-Increased the time it takes to get new 40mm round from ammo boxes. The time is longer for HE and LVG grenades and shorter for utility grenades like SMK and FLASH.

-Increased the time it takes to get new RGO IMPACT, V40 MINI, M84 FLASHBANG and M18 SMOKE grenades from ammo boxes. Since the player now carries more of these grenades, the resupply delay needed to be longer to prevent grenade spamming.

-Significantly improved the suppression from mounted vehicle weapons, including miniguns, HMGs, LMGs, and all shells types for all armored vehicles.

-Further reduced the repair rate for the Scout Helicopters and the Transport Helicopters.
-Significantly increased the damage of Transport Helicopter miniguns.
-Changed the flight ceilings on Gulf of Oman, Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm to better match the height of the structures in those levels.
-Adjusted the damage of the 25mm and 30mm cannons for both Stealth Jets and Mobile AA to be equal in Damage Per Second to the 20mm default weapons. These weapons were clearly poorer choices in all circumstances, and their different rates of fire are intended to be the player's choice factor for these weapon systems.
-Increased the splash damage and the range at which the JDAM bombs can achieve max splash damage. The JDAM's power was not properly balanced with its difficulty to use. The JDAM remains a primarily anti-vehicle weapon, though this change will increase the effectiveness against all targets.
-Increased the accuracy and direct hit damage of the AC130 40mm cannons. 40mm cannons can now be used to fire pinpoint shots in 2-3 round bursts, enabling them to provide accurate fire on infantry and vehicle targets. Their velocity has also been marginally increased to aid their accuracy.
-Increased the splash damage and range of the AC130 25mm cannons. These cannons now do approximately 50% more damage, in a slightly increased area of impact. The increased damage as well as increased suppression effects will allow the 25mm cannon to fill its role as an area of effect weapon against infantry.

Battlefield 4 Phantom Program - Naval Strike Easter Eggs!

Check out these cool Easter Eggs coming with the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion pack!  Some really crazy stuff this time.  Haunted tunnels, sharks, and much more!

We still haven't discovered the Password to initiate the Phantom Trainee Naval Strike Assignment, but stay tuned as I will make sure to update you as soon as it's found!  When you're finished with this video make sure to check out the assignment details of the Phantom Trainee assignment here!

Check out this Yeti Easter Egg found on Golmud Railway!

Titanfall Will Soon Support 4K On PC!

According to Nvidia content and technology manager Ashu Rege, Respawn Entertainment will soon release updates for the PC version of Titanfall to support 4K displays and SLI multi-GPU Technology for a "fantastic high-end PC experience."

With these updates Titanfall fans playing on PC will experience enhanced PhysX for more realistic clothing a destruction effects, as well as VisualFX for more realistic hair, fire, and water simulation.  They will also be adding Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TXAA) that should help reduce screen tearing as well as Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+) for more realistic shadowing effects.

Just recently Respawn Entertainment stated that the Xbox One version will also be receiving an upcoming patch that will help improve performance.

Also, if you haven't already heard . . .EA has already secured the rights for Titanfall 2, and we can most likely expect it to be coming to Playstation fans as well.  Not only that, but there are talks of releasing the Titanfall IP to Playstation here shortly.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes - Complete Walkthrough

Short and sweet! Check out this complete stealth walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes from CaptaineXtreme.  Stay tuned for a more aggressive walkthrough later. 

Stealth Walkthrough  
Aggressive Walkthrough Coming Soon!

 Visit CaptaineXtreme's channel!

Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault First Impressions - Naval Strike DLC

Here are some first impressions of the new Carrier Assault game mode coming with the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - 1 HOUR GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE

Here's more than an hour of gameplay footage from the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC showcasing each of the 4 new maps!  The BF4 Naval Strike expansion drops next week on March 25th for Battlefield 4 Premium members!

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC First Impressions

Here are some first impressions of the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC by YouTuber JackFrags.  Check out some BF4 Naval Strike gameplay from each of the four new maps, including some gameplay from the new Carrier Assault game mode which is a re-imagining of Battlefield 2142's Titan Mode.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Maps - First Look

Check out these map breakdowns by YouTuber LevelCap from each of the new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC maps!  Naval Strike drops on March 25th.

Wave Breaker
Operation Mortar
Nasha Strike
Lost Islands

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Official Trailer

DICE just launched an official trailer for the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion which mainly focuses around the Carrier Assault game mode.  The trailer also shows off the new hovercraft vehicle, which will definitely offer players some fast past water-based combat, as well as an old school cannon that players can man and use against enemy vehicles and more.  Check out the all new Naval Strike DLC trailer below.

Planetside 2 Player Studio - Create & Earn!

Do you have a background in photoshop or graphic design?  How would you like to creat in-game items that can literally be featured on Planetside 2 player vehicles, camos, and more?  With Player Studio, Planetside 2 is allowing players to create in-game items that are sold in the ESO Marketplace, and allow players to earn revenue off of each sell.  This sounds like a great opportunity if you have some free time and a little knowledge of photoship, graphic design, or 3D design.  Players are literally making thousands of dollars with Player Studio simply creating items that are featured in Planetside 2.

Check out the all new Planetside 2: Create with Player Studio Official Video, and see if this is something that would interest you!

Titanfall Weapon Stats Discovered in PC Game Files

Recently a Denkirson forum user who goes by Dissentia put together a chart of some Titanfall weapon stats that he discovered in the Titanfall PC game files.  The stats include weapon damage, reload times, fire rates, magazine capacities, and more.  The stats are most likely pretty accurate since they are directly from the game files, but I'm sure we'll get some more in-depth stat breakdowns later on from sites like which will break down stats like bullet velocity and damage drop off over longer ranges. However, this Titanfall weapon stats chart should give you a better idea of how each weapon in Titanfall performs statistically.

Click on the image to enlarge

You can also gather information, like which weapon has the fastest time-to-kill against an enemy Titan during a rodeo, which seems  to go to the Spitfire LMG.  The slowest time-to-kill appears to go to the Kraber-AP Sniper.  Obviously the time-to-kill against pilots will differ as the Kraber-AP Sniper can technically drop an enemy pilot in one shot. 

What do you guys think about these stats?  Will it effect which weapons you carry onto the battlefield?

Battlefield 4: Two-Handed Ballistic Shield Coming With Dragon's Teeth DLC

DICE has just announced that they will be implementing a Two-Handed Ballistic Shield in the Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC.  No worries though . . .from DICE's description, it does not sound like a Call of Duty riot shield that will enable players to run around the map, shield bashing their opponents.  DICE is saying that the shield will require two hands to use, and that it will not work alongside your weapons.  So basically it sounds like it will just be moveable piece of cover.

A while back DICE was considering implementing a shield in Battlefield 4 that you could use alongside your weapons.  They were considering giving the shield a small opening  that you could literally place your weapon through and be fully protected from the front.  For several reasons they came to the conclusion that the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield would be the best implementation of a shield in the game, and that it would encourage some more tactical, team oriented game play.

What do you guys think about the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield coming to Battlefield 4 with the Dragon's Teeth DLC?  What other weapons, equipment, and gadgets would you like to see in Battlefield 4 or future Battlefield games?

Check out the video below where I talk about the Two-Handed Ballistic Shield and give my thoughts on it.  Also, I just hit 5K Subscribers on YouTube and have a special giveaway that anyone has a chance to win!

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Teaser Trailer

Battlefield 4™ Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to the next level with a new amphibious vehicle and four all-new maps set in the South China Sea.

Check out the brand new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Teaser Trailer from DICE.

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How to unlock all Naval Strike DLC Weapons! Click Here 

The Elder Scrolls Online PvE Gameplay Review

Now that Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks have lifted the NDA for the very last Elder Scrolls Online Beta Event, let's review the PvE side of the game!  I'm sure most of you know that they are taking The Elder Scrolls Online in a completely new direction, making this particular title an MMORPG.  That being said you can expect the PvP (Player Vs Player) side to be where The Elder Scrolls Online really comes to life.  However, many people are looking for a solid PvE (Player Vs Environment) side as well, that will allow players to sit back and enjoy the immersive quests that The Elder Scrolls series has brought in each one of it's previous titles.

Please take a moment to check out my video review below, and leave your thoughts!  If you enjoy it, make sure to head over to my YouTube channel for more gameplay from The Elder Scrolls Online when it finally releases on April 4, 2014!

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Battlefield 4 Phantom Trainee & More! Naval Strike DLC Assignment Details

So recently the awesome guys over at took a look at the latest Battlefield 4 game files, which I'm assuming came with the latest PC patch, and uncovered some pretty cool stuff regarding the BF4 Naval Strike DLC.  Not only did they uncover all of the new dog tags and emblems that will be available for unlock with the expansion pack, but they also unearthed some new information about the Phantom Trainee assignment.  Whether or not this assignment is a continuation of the Phantom Prospect Easter Egg is still unclear, but thankfully for we now not only know how to unlock the Phantom Trainee assignment available with the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC, but we also know what will be rewarded upon completion.  If you're interested in learning more about the Phantom Trainee assignment only available with the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC, check out the video below, and when your finished, make sure to head over to and show those amazing people so love!

*Important Update - The Phantom Trainee Password has been discovered! Learn more here!

Titanfall: Free The Frontier Teaser Trailer from Respawn Entertainment & Playfight

So Respawn Entertainment and Playfight recently announced a collaboration to work on live action video content for the recently launched Titanfall game.  Where this collaboration is truly going is unclear at this point, but after watching this teaser trailer, I am definitely interested. Playfight is a well-known VFX company based in Toronto and has worked on projects such as Video Game Highschool and Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish.

What do you think Respawn Entertainment and Playfight are working on?  A possible Titanfall movie? Web series? TV Show?

Titanfall - Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

Respawn Entertainment has just released a brand new Titanfall Gameplay Launch Trailer that definitely has me pumped to hop in a my Titan!  The trailer gives you a little back-story and shows off some cool looking weapons that we didn't get to use in the Titanfall BETA.

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Watch_Dogs Official Release Date & Story Trailer!

Watch Dogs has a set release date for May 27, and with that we have a brand new story trailer! Go deeper inside Watch Dogs and see what really drives Aiden Pearce

Titanfall - Pilot Only Mode, Best Weapon & Recent Leaks!

In this Titanfall video I discuss the much wanted Pilot Only game modes, what I believe to be the best Pilot weapon in Titanfall, and how Respawn Entertainment CEO, Vince Zampella responded to recent questions regarding Titanfall information leaks!

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Battlefield 4 - How To Unlock All Naval Strike DLC Weapons & Equipment

So DICE has revealed a ton of new information about the Naval Strike DLC in the lastest PS4 update, including all the assignments to unlock all the new weapons, equipment, and gadgets!  The new weapons we will be able to unlock are the AR160 Assault Rifle, the SR-2 PDW, the AWS light machine gun, the SR338 Semi-Auto (DMR) sniper rifle, and the SW40 Pistol!  You will also be able to unlock a couple of new gadgets including the M320 3GL (3 Grenade Launcher) for the Assault Class, and AA Mines (Anti-Air) for the Engineer Class!

If you own Battlefield 4 for the PC and are a Premium Member, then you can begin working on these assignments right now, and begin unlocking all Naval Strike DLC weapons apart from the SR338 Semi-Auto sniper (requires the Naval Strike maps to complete the assignment).

Please take a moment to check out my video below showcasing some Battlefield 4 Scout Helicopter gameplay on Paracel Storm as I explain exactly how you unlock each new weapon!  Also, for quick reference, there are some brief explanations below of each Naval Strike assignment.  Enjoy!

All 5  Naval Strike DLC Weapon Assignments & Equipment Assignments:

- Must Achieve Rank 10
- Must own the Naval Strike DLC Expansion Pack

"Packing A Punch" - Unlock the SR-2 PDW
- Destroy 20 Boats

"Spare Time Sniper" - Unlock the AR160 Assault Rifle
- Assault Ribbons x3
- Get 20 Headshots with Assault Rifles

"Swiss Cheese" - Unlock the AWS LMG
- LMG Ribbons x3
- Destroy 3 Vehicles as Support Class

"Always Deadly" - Unlock the SR338 Sniper Rifle (Semi-Auto)
- Sniper Rifle Ribbons x3
- Get 5 Kills with C4 on Naval Strike maps

"Curve Ball" - Unlock the SW40 Pistol
- Get 10 Kills with Impact Grenades

"Multi Tool" - Unlock the M320 3GL - Assault Class Only Equipment
- Get 10 Kills with UGL Darts
- Get 10 Kills with UGL LVG

"Death From Below" - Unlock the Anti Air Mines (AA Mines) - Engineer Only Equipment
- PDW Ribbon x3
- Destroy 5 Attack Air Vehicles with Rocket Launchers

If you enjoyed the video and appreciate the info, then take a moment to head over to my YouTube channel for lots of great Battlefield 4 content!

Titanfall - Life is Better With a Titan Trailer

Brand new Titanfall trailer shows off how life is better with a titan!

Are you guys picking up Titanfall?

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Planetside 2 Gameplay on PS4 (First Look)

So we finally get to see some Planetside 2 gameplay running on the Playstation 4!  It's hard to say how Planetside 2  is really running from the off screen footage but from what I can tell it looks pretty smooth and the graphics quality seems really great.

You guys looking forward to Planetside 2 on the PS4?