Titanfall BETA Sign Up

Are you ready for Titanfall?  According to both the Titanfall official Twitter account and the official Twitter account of Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment, a website will be launched here shortly where players can sign up for the Titanfall open BETA.

The official web address has not been announced yet, but according to both sources it will launch at 6pm PST on 2/11/14.  I will post the website here as soon as it's announced, so check back shortly.


You may now sign up for the Titanfall BETA!

The Titanfall BETA is still only confirmed for the Xbox One and PC versions.  Also BETA slots are limited so sign up now to have a better chance of being selected.  TwitchTV Support also confirmed that Respawn Entertainment would allow  broadcasting of the Titanfall BETA on Twitch.TV. I personally tweeted Respawn to see if it would be ok to upload our Titanfall BETA gameplay footage to YouTube, and they replied with this . . .

That's all for now, hopefully I'll see you in the Titanfall BETA!

Sign up here!

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