TitanFall BETA Sign Up & Splashy Fish

In today's video I discuss the Titanfall BETA Sign Ups and how to access the Titanfall BETA. I've also discovered a great alternative for those of you who missed out on Flappy Bird! Splashy Fish is basically the exact same game with a fish, and water. If you're still intent on getting Flappy Bird though we can cut a deal for my iPhone though, but Splashy Fish, I believe will scratch the itch.

Make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest Battlefield 4 News & Much More!  Also, don't forget . . .to access the Titanfall BETA you have to sign up here before February 14th.  You will be notified by EA on or before February 17th if you've been accepted.  The BETA is only available for PC and Xbox One players.

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