How to unlock the M60-E4 in Battlefield 4 & Weapon Review

How to unlock the M60-E4 in BF4!  In this video I review the M60-E4 Light Machine Gun available with the Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC and also explain exactly how to unlock it!

The M60-E4 has been around the Battlefield series since Battlefield Vietnam.  It's a belt fed Light Machine Gun with a 100 round capacity.  It packs a punch with a 34 maximum damage up to 8 meters, and only drops off to a 25 damage outside of 75 meters.  It has a higher recoil, but with the lower fire rate of 570RPM, this weapon is easy to control even over longer ranges. TIP: Don't play too aggressive with this monster, it has the highest reload time out of any weapon in Battlefield 4 at 7.8 seconds.

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