How to unlock the GOL Magnum in Battlefield 4 & Weapon Review

How to unlock the GOL Magnum in BF4! In this video I review the GOL Magnum bolt action sniper rifle and explain exactly how to unlock it.  The GOL Magnum is available for unlock with the Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC by completing the "Eagle's Nest" Battlefield 4 assignment!

The GOL Magnum was introduced to the Battlefield series with Battlefield: Bad Company.  The GOL Magnum is a German made bolt-action sniper rifle engineered to be used in almost any environment.  DICE has carried this over very well into Battlefield 4 making this one of the most versatile bolt-action sniper rifles in the game.  Not only does GOL Magnum tie the Scout Elite with the highest fire rate of any bolt-action rifle at 63RPM, but this weapon carries a 59 minimum damage outside of 150 meters.  If you like to play the aggressive recon role, this weapon is a great choice, and if you like to sit back . . .likewise. The GOL Magnum is easily one of the best bolt-action sniper rifles in Battlefield 4 and will quickly become a fan favorite.

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