How to unlock the F2000 in Battlefield 4 & Weapon Review

How to unlock the F2000 in BF4! In this video I review the F2000 Assault Rifle available with the Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC and show exactly how to unlock it! Make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with all my latest Battlefield 4 videos!

The F2000 has been around the Battlefield series since Battlefield 2. It's a Belgian made bullpup assault rifle specializing in close quarters combat. With an 850RPM the F2000 can easily compete up close with any weapon in Battlefield 4. Not only that, but with it's bullpup design it's extremely accurate from the hip. Equip this weapon with a laser sight and you can chew through your opponent without having to ADS in many situations. Beware though, the weapon design also leaves you with higher reload times, so make sure you take good cover when reloading. TIP: Equip the F2000 with a suppressor so that your enemies can't pinpoint your exact location. Make sure to visit my YouTube channel for tons of Battlefield 4 Weapon Reviews, News, Montages, and much more!

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