Warframe - PS4 E3 2013 Announcement Trailer

Yet another free-to-play game has been added to the list of F2P games for the PS4.  Just moments ago Sony announced that Planetside 2 is coming to the next gen console.  Now Warframe, a futuristic ninja-based / clan-based action game has been announced, and once again, from personal experience . . .this game is pretty sick!  With all these free-to-play games coming to the Playstation 4,  Microsoft better let us know something really exciting soon before people begin to lose interest all together.  Hopefully they will reveal some new exciting information about the Xbox One by the E3 2013 event.

Check out this awesome announcement trailer for Warframe coming to the Playstation 4!

Warframe is currently in Beta on the PC.  Here's some actual Warframe gameplay from our own Chance Gaming Media YouTube channel!  Subscribe to keep up with all our latest videos!

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