The Last Of Us - Multiplayer Gameplay Footage, Screenshots, & New Details Revealed

With the release date for The Last Of Us about ten days away, some multiplayer gameplay and new multiplayer details are finally beginning to spring up across the internet.  The new details and gameplay confirm the leaked information we covered just yesterday, apart from the DayZ style gameplay.

Here's a roundup of all new multiplayer details for The Last Of Us put together by Gaming Everything from NowGamers "The Last Of US: All The Facts" article.  There are also several more screenshots you can check out by visiting either one of these sites!

- Multiplayer ties into the story and world of the single-player experience
- Multiplayer modes are like a 4v4 deathmatch of sorts
- This has you and three allies taking on another group
- Respawns are limited each round
- Choose from different weapons and loadouts
- Bring two weapons to each game and a selection of passive buffs and game-wide benefits
- All maps can be navigated in different ways, such as clambering over objects to reach higher ground or sneaking around the back of a building to enter through the back
- Looting caches litter the ground throughout each map
- Each of these has a selection of items, including the ability to craft additional weapons to use in that round
- Pick a faction before beginning a match: Hunters or Fireflies
- Difference between the two is essentially aesthetic
- You’ll be put into a crew once you decide
- Crew is filled with NPC survivors, initially five but increasing exponentially with each match played
- Start on Week 1, Day 1
- Objective: survive for as long as you can
- It ties into the lore of the world well, though the details of this are provided with little more than a menu screen with a radar on the right
- Radar includes a dot that represents every survivor you have in your group
- Need supplies to keep your group alive, which is initially fairly low but as the group increases in size so will the requirements
- Gather supplies by taking them from the bodies of anyone you kill in a match or converting claimed gear from loot caches into supplies
- Every match counts as a day
- Necessary supplies are deducted after each day
- Leftover supplies are bundled into a total, which acts as an XP system enabling unlocks of new weapons, upgrades, buffs and customization options for your character
- Zombie attacks and sickness will cause problems throughout the different days
- These can be overcome with missions
- Missions have players completing a different set of actions during a set of matches
- Ex: special executions, headshots, other trackable statistics
- Successfully complete this and sick survivors will be cured or more survivors gained
- Can craft one of six items to assist you
- Parts for each of these are scattered throughout each map, scavenged from the loot caches that are dotted at specific points
- These aren’t first-come first-served
- Every survivor gets their own selection of stash from each crate
- Contents of each crate are random
- You may not be able to have a craftable item immediately; need to get extra pieces if you want to really put your supplies to good use
- Can craft shivs for easy stealth kills, molotovs for setting people aflame, nail bombs, smoke bombs for creating diversions
- Parts and equipment do not carry over through each round
- Gear: currency of sorts, earned as you battle through a match
- Kill enemies, execute headshots, survive the round the longest to earn more Gear
- Gear can be used for purchases between rounds
- Armor lets you take extra damage
- Begin each round with a base set of ammo
- Can purchase additional ammo and expensive upgrades for each of the two weapons you’re carrying
- Upgrades are maintained through each round as long as they exist
- Enabling the customization of passive effects – such as stronger melee attacks and the like – that will help tailor your character to your play style
- Loadout points prevent players from becoming overpowered
- Upgraded weapons such as silenced or scoped weapons cost more points, but you’ll unlock more as you ‘level’ up

So what do you think about the gameplay?  Does it look "very fun" and "very unique" to you?  I know we haven't seen much yet, but do you think the multiplayer aspect of The Last Of Us will hold your interest?  We'd love to here from you, so feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks MP1ST, Gaming Everything, & NowGamer

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  1. Great share........Warframe feels like a game I can play for a while as well, so I’m going to continue with it until it gets boring. Otherwise, I’ll mess around with some of the other more session based games I’ve had in the rotation, but it feels good to finally be making some progress! Until next time, happy gaming! If you want to know more, Click Here


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