Xbox One Reveal Summary- "All In One Experience"

It's official.  The next generation Xbox will be called the Xbox One.  Microsoft and the Xbox team are looking to bring users an "All In One System" for gaming and entertainment (big emphasis on entertainment).  An experience that will not only provide users with better hardware, meaning a better gaming experience than the Xbox 360, but also bringing a seamlessly easy to use entertainment system with features like "Snap" mode, which will literally allow you to run two applications at once, such as watching live TV and surfing the internet simultaneously.  Other features of the Xbox One include voice activation and high quality HD Skype integration with the Xbox One Kinect, and an all new "Trending" feature which will allow you to keep you up with what's hot not only among your friends, but the entire Xbox community.  The interface is very similar to the Xbox 360's interface, which we're certainly not complaining about.  It's a very easy to use Windows type interface (not Windows 8), that easily allows you to navigate between different apps.  However, the Xbox One will provide users with an all new personal home screen which will actually remember what you were last doing when you shut down, and that's what will display on your home screen the next time you power up.  Microsoft wants the the Xbox One to be simple, instant, and complete (and much more focused on entertainment).

The all new Xbox One looks very much like your modern day PC, except a bit sleeker than most, and will definitely be boasting some better hardware than the 360.  Not all of the Xbox One system specs have been revealed yet, but we do know that it will house an 8 core CPU, 8GB's of RAM as oppose to the 360's 512MB's, a 500GB HDD, contain USB 3.0 ports, and will finally be upgrading the optical drive to Blue Ray.  Microsoft is also promising silent operation.  For now we can only assume the other Xbox One system specs will be similar to those of the PS4.  Nevertheless, you can expect true advancements in graphics and system performance with the all new Xbox One console when compared to the Xbox 360, and an all new social and gaming experience altogether.

Beyond this, Microsoft will also be partnering with the NFL to bring users a unique fantasy league integration.  Now you will be able to watch NFL games live on your Xbox One console and also keep up with your fantasy team at the same time with the "Snap" mode feature.  "Snap" mode will also allow you to keep up with your other fantasy teams, and provide highlights from different sports games as you watch them live via the live TV feature on the new Xbox One.

Xbox One Games

Microsoft also plans on releasing 15 Xbox One exclusive titles within the first year of launch . . .8 of these titles coming from all new franchises.  Games like Fifa 14, Madden 25, NBA Live 14, and UFC will also be available for the Xbox One within the first 12 months of launch, and promise all new, more immersive games, that are based on human intelligence, real player motion, and real worlds (i.e. more dynamic game environments such as 3D crowds and dynamic sidelines.)  No more copy and paste.  Forza Motorsports 5, the best selling racing game over the past 10 years, is also set to be available at the launch of the new Xbox One.  There was however no mention of free-to-play games or support of Independent games developers to self publish titles like we've heard from Sony at the PS4 announcement.  This is very disappointing from a gamers standpoint, and hopefully we will hear more soon. 

Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Summary

Call of Duty: Ghosts also had a short reveal at the Xbox Reveal event, and once again you can expect any downloadable content or DLC to be released early for the Xbox One.  Infinity ward and Activision are definitely taking Call of Duty: Ghosts in a new direction, and we're excited to see some major advances in this franchise.  I know many of you have already heard all this before, but Call of Duty: Ghosts will have an all new story, characters, and an all new Call of Duty world, all running on a brand new Call of Duty engine, that from what we can tell will take the Call of Duty franchise well into the next generation of gaming and graphics.  As always you can expect Call of Duty: Ghosts to run at a solid 60 frames per second on console.  

As far as the CoD: Ghosts story . . .It's based on a catastrophic event that leaves the United States crippled, and now a team of "Ghosts," who are soldiers trained in various areas of modern day gorilla combat are now the "underdog" against superior forces.  You can also expect a "revamped" Call of Duty multiplayer experience according to Activision's CEO Eric Hirshberg who revealed Call of Duty: Ghosts at the Xbox Reveal event.  Not only will there be a brand new character customization feature which will allow you to create a character to your liking, but also dynamic maps and dynamic whether such as earthquakes.

We're very excited that Infinity Ward and Activision have decided to step up their game with Call of Duty: Ghosts, and we certainly think that it will be vital to the franchise with games like Battlefield growing stronger and stronger every year.

Overall I'm very excited about the Xbox One, the next generation console from Microsoft, but we're really hoping for some more info on the gaming side of things.  Sony has revealed that the PS4 will have lots of free-to-play games as well as tons of new indie games coming to their next gen console, and we'd really like to see Xbox One investing time and resources into these things as well.  Learn all that we know so farabout the PS4 here including system specs and all.

Did you get a chance to see the Xbox Reveal?  What did you think about the announcements or the things we've mentioned right here?  We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments below!

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