The Last of Us VS Uncharted - The Last of Us New Gameplay Preview

A new exclusive demo beta for the The Last of Us has been sent out to some of the major gaming networks out there, and gives us a good look at The Last of Us gameplay features and game mechanics.  CVG has a great preview breakdown showcasing the gameplay . . .comparing it with the Uncharted games, and explaining their differences.

The Last of Us and the Uncharted series are both developed by Naughty Dog, and although they seem very similar, and most likely borrow some of the same ideas, the two games can be expected to play out very differently.

The Last of Us of is is a PS3 exclusive title, and will hit shelves and PSN on June 14th.  If you're on PS3, we believe The Last of Us is a must own!

Check back here for more updates on The Last of Us and more!

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