The Last of Us - Soundtrack Sampling On SoundCloud

Naughty Dog Creative Director, Neil Druckmann, mentioned on twitter moments ago:

"If you aren't on a media blackout, enjoy a sampling of The Last of Us Soundtrack"

also linking the soundtrack to a SoundCloud playlist for The Last of Us & using a hashtag #ItsAlmostHere.

The SoundCloud soundtrack sampling consists of "30 Sounds, total time 25.03."  These are original tracks written by Gustavo Santaolalla.  There's also a link where you can purchase The Last of Us Soundtrack.

Many of the tracks sound really cool . . .however, they do seem like they could really pull you into the whole "end of the world" feel in many cases.

As far as the hashtag #ItsAlmostHere - The Last of Us is set to release on June 14, 2013 as what we would call a "Must Own" PS3 Exclusive.  

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*UPDATE* Neil Druckmann says the full soundtrack will be "a bit over 55 minutes" & is now available on

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