The Last of Us - Meet The Infected Trailer [HD] & Naughty Dog Very Vague About Multiplayer

Naughty Dog certainly hasn't revealed much about The Last of US multiplayer.  The last we heard is that the multiplayer portion of the game would be "very unique."  Naughty Dog has however stated that they are still working on the multiplayer and that it will be "very fun."

Oh come on!  Very fun?  That's all we get? hehe

When asked when we would see some of the multiplayer portion from the much anticipated PS3 exclusive, a Naughty Dog representative simply stated:

"We’re working on MP and focusing testing it a lot. It’s going to be very fun!"

Well, it looks like we're not going to get much about The Last of Us multiplayer from Naughty Dog quite yet.  Since they are still apparently working on the multiplayer portion of the game, this is understandable, but they could kind of give us a general take on what we can expect.  "Very unique" and "very fun" are about as vague as anyone could be about anything.

Make sure to check out The Last of Us - Meet The Infected Trailer above for some insight from the Devs on the games infected!

Any thoughts on what you would like to see from The Last of Us multiplayer?  Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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