Rambo: The Video Game?

So we've all seen the movies, but it looks like soon we can actually be Rambo!

Rambo: The Video Game is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Teyon and published by Reef Entertainment.

Reef Entertainment recently detailed some gameplay features in a press release to VG24/7, which include boss fights and stealth hunts!

Rambo: The Video Game will obviously be an action-packed game, boasting over 25 enemy types, tons of mini-missions, and multiple paths to your objective.  The game is said to require a tactical approach to seeking cover from enemies, and weapons like the M-60 and explosive tipped arrows will allow you to cause some serious destruction.
Rambo: The Video Game will also allow you to play out some of the most memorable scenes from the movies, such as the destruction of the police station in First Blood.  Many of the fight scenes from the moview will also be recreated in third person, as well as some fixed-gun and vehicle sections from First Blood Pt 2 and Rambo III.
Rambo: The Video Game has also been reported to feature Sylvester Stallone's voice!

Here's the latest screenshot from Rambo: The Video Game actually showing Rambo on a forest hunt.
What do you guys think?  Are you ready to fill the shoes of Rambo?  Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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