Nintendo Is Now A YouTube Partner - What Does This Mean For You?

In a recent statment to GameFront, Nintendo stated,

"As part of our on-going push to ensure Nintendo content is shared across medi channels in an appropriate and safe way, we became a YouTube partner and as such in February 2013 we registered our copyright content in the YouTube database.

For most fan videos this will not result in any changes, however, for those videos featuring Nintendo-owned content, such as images or audio of a certain length, adverts will now appear at the beginning, next to or at the end of the clips.

We continually want our fans to enjoy sharing Nintendo content on YouTube, and that is why, unlike other entertainment companies, we have chosen not to block people using intellectual property."

Now, it's still really unclear exactly what this statement by Nintendo means, however we can tell that they will be claiming many videos that contain Nintendo's intellectual property i.e. Nintendo game play footage, screenshots, or images.

Many game plays even now that you upload to YouTube "match third-party content," but, let's say you're a YouTube partner for example, you can still claim many of these videos and monetize them.  Nintendo has not made it clear whether or not YouTube partners will be able to claim their content or not, but if not, I think this will discourage many YouTube partners to upload Nintendo game plays to their channels for obvious reasons.  I'm not saying this is the case, but if so, I think this will negatively effect Nintendo's presence on YouTube and potentially hurt the video game industry giant even more.

YouTube gaming partners nowadays have a huge influence on the gaming community, and they are unable to monetize Nintendo game play, I would have say that they probably won't want to put in the time and the effort to promoting Nintendo games only to have Nintendo claim the video, and the profit.

Once again, I'm not saying this is the case, and Nintendo has clearly stated that they encourage people to share their content across social media platforms.  What we suggest, if you do plan on claiming Nintendo game play videos is to make them original and very high quality.  Adding your own graphics to the videos couldn't hurt either.  Your game plays won't be taken down, but Nintendo could very well claim it :/

We'll make sure to update you with any further news on this topic, so stay tuned right here to Chance Gaming Media.

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