Metro: Last Light Review & Metro: LL Ending Gameplay

Just finished playing Metro: Last Light, and I have to say this is one of the single best campaigns I've played in a long time.  The story is so immersive, there wasn't a moment I wanted to just stop playing.  This was literally the fastest I've ever finished an entire walkthrough, simply because I couldn't put the controller down (or take my hands off the keyboard), until my wife basically made me lol.

Metro: Last Light presents several styles of dynamic gameplay, that really make you think of how you are going to approach each mission, and although the game is very linear, it presents several paths through almost every location, and really caters to the players playstyle.  If you're more of a run and gun type player, Metro: LL has plenty of opportunities for that, or if you want to take a more stealthy approach,  not many games I've played approach this type of gameplay better.  Beyond that, with mutants around many of Metro: LL's corners, and I mean many of it's corners . . .whether outside or inside the metro, the game makes sure you're on your toes pretty much the entire time.  I have never played a game like Metro: Last Light.

If you're a fan of  first person shooters, Metro: Last Light is a must own.  Props to 4A Games and Deep Silver for bringing us one of the best games of 2013!

Check out the gameplay above to to see the last mission of Metro: Last Light, "The Last Battle," on very high settings, and make sure to check out our entire walkthrough here.

Have you played Metro: Last Light yet?  If not, check it out at GreenMan Gaming

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