Metro: Last Light Interview With Publisher Deep Silver - What Sets It Apart From Other FPS Games

The Interview Starts About 7 Minutes In :)

The more we learn about Metro: Last Light the more excited we are about getting our hands on this title.  VGS (Video Game Sophistry) Talk Radio AM 640 interviewed Jeremy from Deep Silver, the publisher of Last Light to talk about gameplay features and elements of the game, as well as advances from it's predecessor Metro: 2033, and mainly what sets it apart from other first-person shooter games.

Metro: Last Light is here to break the trends of the FPS world, and bring players a fresh experience.  Deep Silver says that not only will the core veterans enjoy Last Light, but the "newbies" will be able join in and enjoy the game as well.

Make sure to to check out the interview and leave your thoughts in the comment section, and if you haven't pre-purchased Metro: Last Light, check it out at GreenMan Gaming for only $49.99 and get an upgrade to the Limited Edition Free!  Also make sure to check out our playthrough of Metro: Last Light starting May 14 right here at Chance Gaming Media!

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