Grand Theft Auto V - Heist Jobs

According to GameInformer magazine, GTA V will present the player with about 5 or 6 big heist jobs throughout the game.  These jobs take preparation and will require the player, whether you choose to play as Trevor, Michael, or Franklin, to make decisions on how the jobs should be handled.  What does that mean?  GTA V will actually present the player with options for planning these actual heists.  Your decision will ultimately effect the dynamic of the mission, and with the ability to replay missions, you can even try out all the different options.  Do you want to burst through the front door and engage the mission head on?  Maybe you want to be more stealthy, and come through the ceiling, catching the guards by surprise.  GTA V leaves the choice to you.  Pretty cool huh?

Sure, it's easy money robbing liquor stores or playing Hitman on the streets of Los Santos to earn a living, but why not take the big job, and possibly score millions to splurge around town on all the necessities in life.  Yes, luxury cars and high end properties with your own helipads are necessities.

Now, sure, you won't be able to pull off many of these jobs without already having a little change in your pocket, so doing some small time jobs will in turn still be necessary.  The more difficult heist jobs will require you to contract workers, such as hackers, wheelmen, and some extra muscle.  These workers are available at a range of different prices.  So beware . . .you get what you pay for.        Hire a cheap hacker, you might not have as much time to load your cash up as if you hired a professional.  It's risk vs. reward.  If they more expensive hacker is going to net you more cash . . .why not spend the extra doe initially?

Once you begin a heist mission, you will first be presented with sub-missions that you will need to perform. The GTA V heist sub-missions are meant to get everything in order.  You may need to steal a getaway car, secure a location to store the cash, and buy your suits and masks your going to wear during the actual heist.  

Once everythings in place, it's go time. 

What are you most looking forward to in GTA V?  Street fights?  Gang wars?  Exploring Los Santos? Big jobs?  Little jobs?  Maybe everything?!?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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